Supreme Court ruling hands Joe Biden and the Left a devastating loss

The Democrats are shaking over this one. They’ve been delivered a serious gut check.

Because a Supreme Court ruling has handed Joe Biden and the Left a devastating loss.

The radical Left has this weird obsession with abortion that goes far beyond their “my body my choice” argumentation. The “my body my choice” argument is flawed to begin with, but the truth is that the Left doesn’t even really play by those rules.

The truth is that they absolutely love abortions. It’s not merely a “sad thing” that some women choose for “their own bodies” as the Left tries to suggest. No, they want to parade around abortions like it’s a virtuous act, which is completely insane to anyone with the tiniest bit of humanity left in the year of our Lord, 2024.

How else do you explain the millions of crazed so-called “feminists” and Leftists telling women to “Shout Your Abortion”, which is a real organization set up by radical Leftists to encourage women to get abortions because it’s ultimately a good thing. Just take a look at one of their posts below.

They’ve made abortion a hill to die on (or rather, that their babies would die on) no matter what. When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Roe v. Wade was too legally dubious to remain the law of the land and struck it down with the Dobbs case, the abortionists lashed out in anger and violence all over the country.

Now they’re going to hate this new Alabama Supreme Court ruling that exposes the moral corruption of abortion once more.

Last week, the highest court in Alabama made a ruling that, for purposes of state law pertaining to wrongful death claims involving children, frozen embryos can be considered children.

Two wrongful death claims filed by IVF patients against a reproductive clinic in December 2020, following another patient’s removal and murder of embryos from storage, were decided on Friday.

In their decision, the Alabama Supreme Court acknowledged that the cases at hand had brought up numerous complex issues. These included, among other things, the moral standing of unborn children, how the 14th Amendment applies to these children, and the potential societal consequences of acknowledging the humanity of unborn children.

“But the Court today need not address these questions because, as explained below, the relevant statutory text is clear: the Wrongful Death of a Minor Act applies on its face to all unborn children, without limitation,” the Court said.

In the event that the Alabama Supreme Court or the United States Supreme Court did not determine that the embryos in storage were children, the plaintiffs have further filed negligence cases against the clinic in order to seek compensatory damages.

The patients did not have standing to sue since the embryos do not meet the legal definition of a child since they are not in a woman’s uterus, according to an earlier trial court ruling that supported the clinic’s position. Based on long-standing Alabama legal principles barring recovering damages for the loss of life, the lower court likewise ruled against the plaintiffs’ negligence claims.

The Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling overrules the trial court’s in this case.

“Here, the text of the Wrongful Death of a Minor Act is sweeping and unqualified. It applies to all children, born and unborn, without limitation. It is not the role of this Court to craft a new limitation based on our own view of what is or is not wise public policy,” wrote Justice Jay Mitchell in defense of the majority opinion.

“That is especially true where, as here, the People of this State have adopted a Constitutional amendment directly aimed at stopping courts from excluding ‘unborn life’ from legal protection.”

In a concurring judgment, Chief Justice Tom Parker mainly uses theological arguments based on biblical teachings to examine what the “sanctity of unborn life” means. Along with biblical verses, his view draws on the work of famous theologians like Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine.

In a dissenting opinion, Justice Greg Cook expressed concern that the decision may stop in vitro fertilization in Alabama and voiced his disagreement with the majority’s decision to broaden the scope of the Wrongful Death Act.

“And, the main opinion’s holding almost certainly ends the creation of frozen embryos through in vitro fertilization (‘IVF’) in Alabama,” he said. Out of all nine justices, he was the lone one to voice a strong disagreement with the ruling.

Abortionists may not like it, but the truth is that the only consistent and fair definition of human life has to be the very beginning of the process of conception when the two reproductive elements meet.

That would necessarily include babies who were unfairly frozen and potentially left to die to find a “suitable” egg for a woman seeking IVF.

It’s understanable why women may be seeking an IVF pregnancy. It’s truly sad to hear about young women who are seeking to become a mother, but for a variety of biological reasons outside of her control, she can’t.

But that doesn’t mean we have to end the lives of babies who are innocent in the process of helping these young women.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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