Supreme Court suspends radical Democrat judge for a shocking felony charge

For years, the Left dominated the court systems. That’s no longer the case.

Because now a radical Democrat judge has been suspended for being caught in a shocking felony charge.

Former Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter had her license to practice law permanently revoked on Tuesday after she was convicted of a felony in 2014. However, she is eligible to request for restoration by the Ohio Supreme Court.

The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct recommended Hunter’s suspension earlier this year after finding she had broken five ethical standards in connection with the event that led to her conviction.

The court remarked that no sitting judge guilty of a criminal charge has ever been punished with anything less than indefinite suspension.

They credited Hunter with the near decade she had spent while her suspension was in interim.

According to the court’s majority opinion written by Justice Michael Donnelly, an attorney may apply for reinstatement after serving a two-year indeterminate suspension.

As a result of the amount of time that Hunter has already served, she is instantly eligible to submit an application for reinstatement.

Since her conviction for an illegal involvement with a public contract in 2014, Hunter has been on provisional suspension.

In the process of her brother’s dismissal from the juvenile court, she was accused of allowing him access to sensitive documents.

The judge gave Hunter a sentence of six months and one day in prison.

The matter stretched on for years, using up all available appeals until ultimately culminating in 2019 with Hunter’s arrest in a Hamilton County courthouse over her strong protests.

In total, she spent 75 days in county prison.

Hunter denied committing the offense when she contested the ban in front of the state’s highest court earlier this year.

Justices Joe Deters and Pat DeWine both had conflicts of interest as former prosecutors for Hamilton County, therefore they stepped down from their positions on the court for this case.

Many Americans are left wondering how someone being charged with eight felony charges back in 2014 is allowed to serve for nine years after the fact.

Back in 2019 when she was pulled from the courtroom to serve a sentence, she claimed that she was being targeted because of her race as a black woman.

Ms. Hunter has been accused of “serious ethical violations” that span from charges of nepotism, delaying decisions in court cases, as well as lacking the temperament that an officer of the court should have.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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