Surprise attack on Donald Trump shocks the Republican Party

Former President Trump has enemies on all sides of him. But this has gone way too far.

Because a surprise attack on Donald Trump has left millions in utter shock.

Even though Donald Trump has millions upon millions of the most passionate supporters you will find of any single “politician” in the United States, he’s certainly made his enemies along the way. Mostly because of what he represents.

Donald Trump represents a shift away from the status quo, the chipping away of the political class, and a government that’s actually for the people rather than for the bureaucratic BS that has polluted Washington, D.C. for decades now.

Unfortunately, there’s plenty of “old politics” players on both ends of the political spectrum who will do anything to go after Donald Trump for daring to even speak out against the Washington, D.C. Swamp.

No one better represents that old guard establishment better than recently retired House Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney.

Liz Cheney has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump for years now, but even though she’s retired, she is still obsessed with him. She claims to be a “Republican” but that description couldn’t be any further from the truth. She doesn’t believe in any conservative values whatsoever, that’s why she’s been labeled one of the leading “RINOs” – a Republican in Name Only.

Now she’s back at it, but this time going extremely low. She’s concocting a new conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is trying to become a dictator of the United States who won’t leave the White House should he win a second presidential term.

She made these comments during a speech she was invited to make at Drake University this week.

Liz Cheney’s recent commentary on the Republican Party’s trajectory reflects a deeply pessimistic view, with her asserting a troubling shift in political dynamics. According to Cheney, the Party’s embrace of Trump’s baseless election claims signals a departure from fundamental constitutional principles.

“It’s deeply concerning to witness the Republican Party veering away from its constitutional obligations,” Cheney remarked, underscoring what she perceives as a perilous trend.

Cheney, a vocal opponent of Trump’s reelection bid, expresses hope that the current political climate prompts Americans to reassess their approach to politics.

“We must implore our leaders to engage in substantive discourse and uphold civility,” Cheney urged. “The escalating divisiveness and partisanship in our politics are hurtling us towards a dangerous precipice.”

Despite Trump’s apparent popularity in Republican primaries, Cheney cautions against overconfidence heading into the general election.

“While Trump may have secured victories in these primaries, a substantial segment of Republicans remain unconvinced,” Cheney noted. “Triumphing in primaries does not guarantee success in the general election.”

For Cheney, the defeat of Trump in November is paramount for the safeguarding of American democracy.

“The stakes couldn’t be higher; a second term for Trump could spell disaster for our democracy,” Cheney warned. “We cannot afford a leader who shows blatant disregard for the Constitution.”

Cheney’s concerns extend to her belief that Trump may refuse to relinquish power if defeated, posing a direct threat to democratic norms.

“We must confront the unsettling reality that Trump may not honor a peaceful transfer of power if reelected,” Cheney cautioned. “This is a perilous scenario we cannot afford to entertain.”

Cheney criticized Republican officials for their continued support of Trump, which she believes lends legitimacy to his actions.

“By turning a blind eye to Trump’s transgressions, Republican officials are sending a dangerous message to voters,” Cheney observed. “Their complicity only serves to embolden Trump and undermine the foundations of our democracy.”

Of course, you’ll never find anyone on the radical Left criticizing Liz Cheney for peddling “conspiracy theories” that have no basis whatsoever. That’s what the suggestion that Donald Trump won’t leave office should he win a second term is, an unfounded conspiracy theory.

Donald Trump is nearly 80-years-old, it’s unfathomable that he would try to establish a dictatorship at his age. But that’s common sense that someone like Liz Cheney doesn’t have.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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