The FBI cracked the Hunter Biden case wide open and now Joe is sweating bullets

The Biden family has a spotlight shining directly on their corruption. And there is no getting away this time.

Because the FBI cracked the Hunter Biden case wide open and now Joe is sweating bullets.

The last thing that Joe Biden wants is for his son, Hunter’s secrets to be out for all to see.

Even more so, he doesn’t want his own dealings in Hunter’s “businesses” to be revealed.

That’s why he just wants Hunter’s trials to go away so the spotlight is shifted elsewhere.

But the FBI hit him with a one-two punch he never expected.

Hunter Biden’s contentious laptop took center stage in his federal weapons trial on Tuesday, with FBI Agent Erika Jensen confirming its legitimacy.

“This is the laptop that was recovered from the computer store,” she said, referring to the laptop that Hunter Biden left at The Mac Shop in Wilmington in 2019, that was later shared with Robert Costello, an attorney for Trump ally Rudy Giuliani.

When asked how she confirmed the laptop’s legitimacy, Ms. Jensen stated that the serial number on the back of the laptop corresponds to the serial number disclosed in Apple Inc.’s response to a demand for records.

Prosecutors highlighted text exchanges held on Hunter Biden’s laptop in which he discussed being addicted to narcotics or attempting to obtain drugs.

He is accused of lying on a weapons application by claiming he was not a drug addict when he bought a revolver in October 2018, and his defense attorneys have claimed he may have been in denial about his problem.

Hunter Biden and President Biden’s associates have long challenged the laptop’s validity.

More than 50 former intelligence officers signed a statement alleging that the laptop tale “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

Two IRS whistleblowers testified to Congress last year that the FBI verified the validity of the abandoned laptop in November 2019.

Despite their allegations, Hunter Biden maintained that the laptop’s contents were faked, hacked, stolen, or modified.

However, prosecutors pushed back ahead of the trial, claiming Hunter Biden provided no proof to back up his assertions.

And there is no proof. From the very beginning, everyone knew it was genuine.

It doesn’t matter if social media giants decided to censor the story before the 2020 presidential election. The facts remain the same.

And no amount of kicking and screaming on Hunter’s part is going to change that.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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