This legendary journalist destroyed Biden’s campaign with one bombshell exposé

The White House is panicking worse than ever before. And this could be the nail in the coffin.

Because a legendary journalist destroyed Biden’s campaign with one bombshell exposé.

The Left doesn’t know what to do. After Biden’s disastrous show of his supposed “competence,” they’re stuck.

As it stands, he would have to step down since he has all of the delegates that he won in the primaries.

And many know he’s not in his right mind, so they’re starting to bring out the big guns.

President Biden has allegedly been observed experiencing mental decline on as many as 20 occasions over the past year — suggesting his disastrous debate performance last week was “not a one-off,” sources close to the president told legendary journalist Carl Bernstein.

The 81-year-old commander-in-chief’s close circle were not strangers to the “horror show that we witnessed” during his disastrous debate with former President Donald Trump, Bernstein told CNN’s Anderson Cooper Monday.

“These are people, several of them who are very close to President Biden, who loved him, have supported him, and among them are some people who would raise a lot of money for him,” said Bernstein, who is credited with breaking the Watergate scandal alongside Bob Woodward, leading to President Richard Nixon’s impeachment in the 1970s.

“They are adamant that what we saw the other night, the Joe Biden we saw, is not a one-off, that there have been 15, 20 occasions in the last year and a half when the president has appeared somewhat as he did in that horror show that we witnessed.”

Bernstein, 80, said what makes this “significant” is how “many people around the president are aware of such incidents, including some reporters incidentally who have witnessed some of them.”

“But here we see tonight, as these people say, ‘President Biden at his absolute best,’” the veteran journalist said, alluding to Biden’s White House address Monday criticizing the Supreme Court’s immunity ruling in Trump legal cases.

“And yet these people who have supported him, loved him, campaigned for him, see him often say that in the last six months particularly, there has been a marked incidence of cognitive decline and physical infirmity.”

Bernstein alleged that his sources said over the past year they had warned Ron Klain — Biden’s former White House chief of staff who helped the president prep for the debate at Camp David — that “we have a problem.”

“We have a problem such as we saw the other night. There have been numerous incidences where the president has lost his train of thought, can’t pick it up again,” Bernstein said.

The former Washington Post reporter said there was apparently a fundraiser where Biden spoke at the podium before becoming “very” stiff, “almost like rigor mortis.”

“This was a year ago almost exactly at the old Four Seasons restaurant on Park Avenue. And he became very stiff and a chair had to be brought for him to do the latter part of the event,” Bernstein told Cooper.

“I think that what these folks are saying and have been saying for a while is, ‘Yes, he’s great when we see him, as we have tonight. But he also has these inexplicable moments that we’re very concerned about and you, Ron Klain, and the First Family, we need to talk about this.”

Bernstein claimed his sources have “been pushed back repeatedly whenever it’s been brought up.”

Why wouldn’t they? Everyone in the White House and in his campaign knows their jobs are on the line if Biden doesn’t become the nominee.

They’d rather decorate the sinking ship rather than stop it from taking on water.

And, with that, they’ll hand Trump the presidency on a silver platter.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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