U.S. Navy Admiral shares sobering update about Joe Biden’s health

The questions about President Biden aren’t going away. The American people want answers.

But now this sobering update from a U.S. Navy Admiral about Joe Biden’s health has everyone talking.

The White House Press conferences have been absolute chaos in recent days, as Karine Jean-Pierre is in the unenviable position of trying to answer the legitimate questions being raised by press members about Joe Biden’s mental and physical health in a way that satisfies the concerns of the American people. At the same time, she can’t just outright share the truth because the Biden administration is in the middle of a campaign to gaslight the American people into not believing what they are seeing.

In fact, KJP essentially lost her marbles during a recent White House Press conference because she was flustered and surprised by the question about whether Joe Biden has Parkinson’s, specifically because a Parkinson’s expert visited the White House eight times in eight months.

One of the most important questions coming to the surface of the national discourse concerning Joe Biden is with regards to his day-to-day functioning. Specifically, whether he is fully aware and sharp during the hours of the day that most presidents in U.S. history have been aware and sharp. In other words, if you’re the U.S. president, you should probably be able to be just as sharp at 11 PM as 9 AM.

Former U.S. Navy Rear Admiral and current White House national security spokesman John Kirby recently went on CNN to discuss recent national security and foreign policy news. During the CNN appearance, Kirby was asked about Joe Biden’s schedule as it relates to his fitness and his answer isn’t quite what you’d expect.

Questions Arise Over President Biden’s Working Hours Amid National Security Concerns

In a recent interview on CNN News Central, CNN host Kate Bolduan questioned White House national security spokesperson John Kirby about President Joe Biden’s ability to safeguard the United States if he needs to sleep early and work fewer hours.

This line of inquiry follows a report by The New York Times, which cited a source familiar with Biden’s comments during a meeting with over 20 Democratic governors. According to the report, Biden mentioned needing to reduce his working hours and avoid attending events past 8 p.m. after a less-than-stellar debate performance. Bolduan referenced CNN’s corroborative reporting and questioned whether Biden can effectively secure the country if he is unable to work strenuous hours.

“I can appreciate it may be uncomfortable to offer such an assessment on your boss at any point, but especially publicly and on television, but Biden himself has said for months and months that age is legitimate issue,” Bolduan said. “And something we saw last week is CNN is reporting that Biden told Democratic governors that part of his plan going forward after the debate was to stop scheduling events after 8 p.m. so that he could get more sleep. From a national security perspective, can any president be effective if they have a cut-off time at 8 p.m.?”

Kirby responded by stating, “Well, I think the White House denied those claims and that reporting, Kate, but let’s set that aside for a second. He’s the president of the United States, commander in chief and that‘s a 24-hour job seven days a week. And from my experience here, and I’ve seen it firsthand, on the road and here in Washington, D.C., if the national security team needs to get to the president, they get to the president and it doesn’t matter what the hour on the clock says. He’s always there, he’s always available. And they have ready access to him. And he also knows that the world doesn’t take a breather after a certain time of day.”

The New York Times report also indicated that Biden attributed his debate performance to recent trips to France, California, and Italy, which he claimed had taken a toll on him. During the meeting with the governors, he disclosed that he communicated to his staff his need for more rest, despite his efforts to push himself and his tendency to bypass his staff’s concerns regarding his schedule.

Kirby further defended the president’s dedication and capability, stating, “He’s constantly peppering the team with questions, again, around the clock. That’s the commander-in-chief that I’ve seen. And more critically, Kate, as the commander in chief, he knows he has to be and he has been here for the last three-and-a-half years.”

This CNN interview truly encapsulates ongoing concerns about President Biden’s age and stamina, especially in relation to his demanding role as commander-in-chief. As the debate continues, the administration maintains that Biden remains fully capable and available to handle national security matters at any hour.

It seems as though there’s almost nothing you could say to get through to anyone who is super close to Joe Biden and the Biden administration in general. You have to give it to them, they are stonewalling any valid concerns being raised against Joe Biden.

Simply put, very few Americans are going to buy this idea that Joe Biden at nearly 82-years-old and clearly in the condition he’s in right now is able to fulfill all the most high pressure aspects of the job of the President of the United States. It’s not believable when President Biden is seen shuffling on stage and shuffling off stage as slow as a sloth, every single time. Again, it’s not about age, it’s about health.

If Joe Biden today is just as sharp as John F. Kennedy was during his tenure, then he has to be playing some sick joke on the entire nation, right?

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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