Joe Biden rushed to Situation Room after top foreign enemy invades

National security is in a crisis. The White House is in a frenzy.

And now Joe Biden’s been rushed to the Situation Room after a top foreign enemy has invaded.

Chinese Government Agent-Run Network Aids Illegal Immigration to the U.S.

An investigation fronted by reporters over at the Daily Caller has uncovered a private social network run by a self-identified Chinese government agent that provides resources for illegal immigrants to enter the United States and avoid border authorities. The network, known as the American Self-Guided Tour Channel, operates on the encrypted messaging platform Telegram and boasts over 8,000 members. This Chinese-language group serves as a forum for discussing illegal immigration and a repository for documents outlining specific routes to the U.S.

Documents translated by reporters reveal that the channel provides detailed instructions on navigating the U.S. immigration system. These documents identify gaps in the U.S. border wall, offer advice on how to answer questions from Border Patrol agents, and provide scripts for requesting asylum. Additionally, the channel is managed by an individual who disseminates Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda, bans users who dissent, and identifies himself as a Chinese police officer.

North Carolina Republican Rep. Dan Bishop expressed concern over the findings, stating, “We’re allowing an element that is completely beyond our law to be established firmly as a beachhead in the United States of America, and the people of America are going to pay a severe price, much worse than we are paying even now.” Customs and Border Protection data show that the majority of the roughly 48,000 Chinese illegal immigrants encountered by U.S. authorities in 2024 have been single adults, with experts warning that “military-aged males” comprise the largest group.

Bishop noted the significant increase in Chinese illegal immigrants since fiscal year 2022, describing the 1,100% spike as “historically unprecedented.” He acknowledged that the inner workings of China’s human smuggling networks have largely been a mystery to lawmakers until now.

“Even people, like me, who’ve seen a lot of it have not yet totally come to grips with the sort of depth that you’ve described,” said Bishop, who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee’s Oversight, Investigations, and Accountability subcommittee.

The investigation’s discovery of the American Self-Guided Tour Channel and related Telegram groups came after analyzing a Chinese illegal immigrant’s abandoned cell phone found near the California-Mexico border in January 2024. The investigation revealed that the group contains documents instructing Chinese nationals on how to navigate the U.S. immigration system, including scripts for claiming asylum and answering questions from Border Patrol agents.

One document advises those seeking a green card in the U.S. to prepare a story about their persecution in advance. Another provides responses to questions from Border Patrol agents to establish credible fear of persecution, a requirement for asylum seekers under current U.S. law. The channel also features templates for crafting asylum claims based on political, religious, racial, s*xual, and gender persecution.

The documents indicate a sophisticated understanding of the U.S. immigration system, with some featuring intricate flow-charts mapping out various potential immigration pathways. One flow-chart suggests that those who have received a deportation order but lack a passport may consider starting the immigration process over with a false identity.

In addition to immigration advice, the American Self-Guided Tour Channel serves as a hub for travel guides that facilitate illegal immigration from China to the U.S. Some guides identify specific border crossing points between the U.S. and Mexico, with detailed instructions on what to carry and how to make the crossing. Reporters have confirmed the existence of several crossing points while visiting the California border in June 2024.

Bill Wells, the mayor of El Cajon, California, told journalists that Chinese nationals now constitute a significant portion of crossings near San Diego. “When I’ve been out at the border, most of my interactions have been with Chinese people,” Wells said. Despite this, local officials remain largely uninformed about the operations of human smuggling networks.

An independent review of the American Self-Guided Tour Channel also revealed that its owner, @wjackcn, or “Jack W,” claims to work as a cyber police officer in China. Jack W has stated his duties involve national security affairs and fighting foreign hostile forces. Although the investigation could not confirm his affiliation with the Ministry of Public Security or Ministry of State Security, the account has promoted illegal immigration and banned members for expressing anti-CCP sentiments.

Jack W’s Telegram channel has also disseminated CCP propaganda, celebrating events like the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre and promoting national security work within China. Several other members of the channel have identified themselves as Chinese police officers, military personnel, and CCP members.

Rep. Bishop described Chinese illegal immigration as “the most astonishing threat” and highlighted the unprecedented increase in Chinese nationals presenting at the U.S. southern border.

In May 2024, Bishop chaired a House Homeland Security Committee hearing addressing the 80 times increase in Chinese illegal immigration since March 2021. He criticized the Biden administration for simplifying the vetting process for Chinese illegal immigrants, which he believes poses a significant national security threat to the United States.

“Chinese nationals presenting at the southern border of the United States were almost unheard of previously,” Bishop has shared with reporters concerning the matter. There’s certainly recent evidence to support his claims that Chinese illegal immigration is one of the most important national security issues facing America. “Something’s descending on the United States that we should never have allowed to occur,” Bishop added.

The Biden administration has not shared any statements with the public regarding this investigation yet.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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