President Biden fell flat on his face when this insane border report hit his desk

The jig is up for Biden and company. Their schemes have been exposed.

And President Biden fell flat on his face when he caught wind of this terrible border report.

Mr. President Biden signed a series of executive orders recently that were designed to keep illegal immigration at bay with all the attention the border crisis has been given in recent months. The executive orders were supposed to shut down aspects of the immigration process and the border when average illegal immigration numbers exceeded a threshold picked by the Biden administration.

The issue is that it just plain isn’t working. A number of reports are coming out proving that the orders are powerless to stop the most abused forms of the immigration process. Southern state officials are sounding the alarm about the ineffectiveness of the orders.

Biden’s Executive Order on Southern Border Fails to Stem Illegal Immigration

Despite President Joe Biden’s recent executive order aimed at controlling the flow of illegal immigration at the southern border, the measures have yet to show any significant impact, according to sector reports, leaked data, and statements from local officials.

Biden’s executive order, which took effect last Wednesday, stipulates that new asylum requests will be paused if the average number of daily border encounters exceeds 2,500 over a week-long period. The asylum process can resume once the seven-day daily average falls to 1,500. However, early indications suggest that the order has not effectively curbed the number of foreign nationals crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally.

On the first full day of the order’s implementation, nearly 4,000 migrants were apprehended, according to data obtained by NewsNation. The subsequent days saw similar figures, culminating in a spike to 10,000 encounters on Saturday. This pattern suggests that Biden’s order has had minimal effect on the illegal crossings.

John Modlin, the chief patrol agent of Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector, reported 7,500 apprehensions in his sector during the first week of June, nearly unchanged from the 7,800 recorded in the last week of May. This number is higher than the figures reported for the other weeks in May.

Critics of the executive order have been vocal. “Biden’s executive order is a facade, offering the illusion of security while doing nothing to address the real issues at our borders,” said Jim Desmond, a San Diego county supervisor. He noted that thousands of individuals entered San Diego County over the past weekend alone, contributing to the more than 151,000 street releases this fiscal year.

Data reported by Fox News indicated around 5,600 Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encounters on Wednesday, which included the 4,000 illegal crossings and CBP One App releases at ports of entry. By Thursday, the number of foreign nationals in Border Patrol custody reached approximately 10,000 — four times the limit set by Biden’s order, as per data leaked to the New York Post.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott also criticized the executive order during a Fox News interview, stating there was no discernible change at the border. “What Biden has done, he’s not doing anything to actually secure the border,” Abbott said. “In fact, it’s the opposite because he’s actually authorizing more people to cross the border illegally.”

Abbott elaborated that even when the asylum process is paused at the 2,500-daily encounter threshold, the executive order does nothing to prevent other illegal crossings.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, in an interview with ABC, was questioned about the likelihood of reducing the daily average of migrant encounters below 1,500 in the coming months. Mayorkas stated the administration was “driving” towards that goal.

However, skepticism remains. ABC host Martha Raddatz pointed out the challenges, noting a 2021 clip of Mayorkas asserting the administration would succeed in controlling the southern border. Since that statement, approximately 6.5 million migrants have been apprehended along the border.

As the situation develops, the effectiveness of Biden’s executive order remains under scrutiny, with many questioning whether current measures are sufficient to address the complexities of illegal immigration.

Ironically, Joe Biden has also been receiving a ton of flak from his own political base and allies in his corner for the executive order, saying that it is a direction towards Trump-era immigration policies. What’s funny about that is that if it is, it’s without any of the effectiveness of the Trump-era policies.

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