President Biden preparing MASS amnesty for criminal illegal immigrants

The Biden administration’s gone off the deep end. This is as treasonous as it gets.

Because now President Biden is preparing a mass amnesty plan for criminal illegal immigrants.

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There’s been much made about the crisis at the southern border with Mexico and how there’s simply far too many people making fake asylum claims and individuals just outright trying to invade the United States illegally.

Illegal immigrants represent about 20-30% of all foreign-born residents in the United States. Illegal immigration is back on the rise after actually stabilizing and declining between 2017 and 2021 during the Donald Trump administration. About 5% of the American workforce is made up by illegal immigrants.

All this and more, without even mentioning the terrible rise in drug proliferation and violent crime that southern states have been experiencing as a result of illegal immigration. Even some high-profile Democrats are sounding the alarm on this issue because they know it’s one that the Biden administration has utterly failed. Joe Biden’s hand-picked “border czar” – his Vice President Kamala Harris – has done next to nothing to address the border crisis.

You would think this would be a major point of focus, right? Especially in an election year that the Democrats say is about saving the “future of democracy.” And yet, still the White House is quiet as a mouse on this issue. Not only that, but they are seemingly trying to make it worse.

Just consider how the Biden administration has been attacking the Texas government for daring to secure their borders with Mexico in creative, clever ways. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has tried implementing new border solutions that just make sense, like the buoy system in the Rio Grande River that was designed to not only discourage attempts to cross the dangerous river, but also to help save lives by giving individuals something to hold onto should they get stuck.

The Biden administration couldn’t stand for that, however. They’ve threatened the Abbott administration in Texas with every legal attack in the book. Greg Abbott doesn’t seem to care though. He’s resolute in his decision to protect his citizens at all costs, even if Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t like it.

That was just the start of it. Now Joe Biden is looking to make the southern border crisis worse than you could ever imagine with a new handout that is certain to encourage millions more to try and enter the United States illegally.

Just what is that handout? Green cards and amnesty for illegal immigrants, according to the latest reports coming out of the White House. Yes, that’s right, outright amnesty for those who violated the law of illegally entering the United States.

According to Politico, the Biden administration is going to be preparing to offer green cards for illegal immigrants who have been in the United States for ten years or more and those who can “prove” that they have “relatives and friends” within the United States who would be distraught by them being deported.

Politico reports:

One idea that has been floated among administration officials is opening access to the cancellation of removal program for people who have lived in the U.S. for over 10 years and have citizen or resident relatives who would “suffer” if they were deported. If specific requirements are met and an immigration judge approves cancellation of removal, a migrant is able to obtain a green card.

What authority does the White House have to do this? Well, they’ll just act alone without Congressional approval of course. It’s not like there’s a lack of precedence for actions like these on immigration. Who can forget the Barack Obama Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) order?

This plan in the works for the Biden administration is truly just a continuation of that Barack Obama legacy of softening the U.S. federal government’s approach to illegal immigration as a whole. But now, instead of just “delaying” deportation for minors, Joe Biden wants to start offering amnesty.


A decision to start offering more green cards to illegal immigrants, as the Biden administration is apparently considering, would be utterly devastating for the United States and would only serve to make the crisis at the southern border even worse. It would make what the U.S. is currently dealing with look like child’s play.

Here’s just a few reasons.

Firstly, by announcing that illegal immigrants can come into the U.S. and simply lay down some roots and get the chance to get a green card, you’re only encouraging millions more to arrive at your door step in the south (or the north for that matter!). That’s just common sense that everyone except the suits in Washington, D.C. has apparently.

Then, of course, there’s the consideration of how green cards are handed out. How many are going to go out? If we establish a certain number now, who’s to say a future politician in the White House isn’t going to unilaterally change that without Congressional or Court approval which is what the executive branch loves these days? The implications for how this can be abused are vast and unimaginable.

Thirdly, even though the Left claims they love legal immigration, they seemingly don’t because this would only discourage legal immigration. It’s true that studies by independent journals have demonstrated that legal immigration can have a great benefit for local communities and a nation as a whole. A number of immigrants have been wonderful inventors, scientists, and engineers that have been cherished by American society.

But by further encouraging illegal immigration as a path for effectively being allowed to stay in the United States and pursue the American Dream, those who were even thinking about considering the long, difficult process of legally becoming a United States citizen won’t even bother.

This is why individuals like former President Donald Trump, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, and South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem, have all been championing a tight grip on immigration on the part of the United States government. When there’s a grasp on the matter, then you can decide who is let in or not.

Not just anyone should be let in. Only the hardest workers, the brightest minds, and the most integrous individuals from around the world should be welcome to become an American citizen and contribute to the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

At least, that’s how rational, patriotic Americans view the matter. Joe Biden and the Democrats clearly don’t see it the same way. They want to just make matters worse by effectively shouting from the rooftops that the United States is a giant sanctuary “city” that will house anyone who dares to come.

One has to wonder what the endgame is for the Democrats. Joe Biden and company keep saying that the 2024 election is about saving democracy and yet they are promoting illegal immigration policies that will reshape and ultimately be the downfall of democracy.

We’re no conspiracy theorists, but it’s hard to ignore that there’s a motive behind this all. Whether it’s because the Democrats are seeking ways to cement their political power for decades to come is something we’ll leave up to the imagination. Hint: (they probably are).

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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