Biden impeachment imminent after his bank records turn up

Joe Biden

President Biden has been drowning in scandals lately. He’s about to face the eye-watering consequences.

Because Biden impeachment is imminent after his bank records have turned up.

The federal agencies that comprise the Deep State have “turned a blind eye to Joe Biden,” as Republican Representative James Comer of Kentucky put it.

However, the House Oversight Committee Chairman stated that his committee still has more investigating to do in order to uncover the truth about the Biden family’s financial activities.

During an appearance on Fox News’s “Life, Liberty & Levin,” he said, “Our job in the House Oversight Committee is to follow the money, and we have more bank records coming in.”

“We’re going to start bringing in key figures in the Biden family influence-peddling schemes for depositions, and I think we’re on the right track, even though we’re having to fight the FBI, fight the DOJ, fight the Democrats in Congress, and fight the mainstream media,” he stated.

Comer’s probe has released a 2020 FD-1023 form that suggests an FBI informant was notified of a bribery plan involving President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden when the former was still in the position of vice president.

According to Comer, the claims were not looked into by the Justice Department.

When questioned by Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, the deputy FBI director said, “Well, we don’t want to endanger the life of our paid informant who is one of our most trusted, highest paid, most credible FBI informants,” according to testimony provided by Comer.

Why didn’t the FBI investigate the allegations that the VP of the United States accepted a bribe from a foreign national in exchange for foreign policy and foreign aid if this is indeed the case and the FBI informant is that credible?

According to Comer, his inquiry has uncovered wire transactions from Romania and China that were sent to various members of the Biden family using shell firms, but he highlighted that federal officials had ignored the evidence.

He said the IRS would only investigate Hunter Biden if there was evidence of tax evasion.

“They didn’t want to investigate the shell companies. They didn’t want to investigate the money laundering. And then we know the Department of Justice hasn’t done anything, so there’s a pattern here where the federal government, the deep state bureaucracies, have turned a blind eye to Joe Biden,” he claimed.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) called for Biden’s impeachment once again during a Sunday interview on “Sunday Morning Futures,” citing data from Real Clear Politics.

“I think impeachment is fully in order. I don’t know why our conference hasn’t moved there yet, because the American people are,” she declared.

According to Real Clear Politics, Arizona Republican Representative Andy Biggs claimed impeachment cannot wait forever during the broadcast.

“I think Joe Biden has impaired our safety, security, and prosperity, as opposed to the United States,” Biggs said.

It’s unlikely that Biden will be impeached before the 2024 election cycle for a variety of reasons.

When the Republicans bring seriously considered articles of impeachment against Biden, they will want a real chance of it passing through the Senate.

Should Republicans take back the Senate in 2024 with Biden holding onto the White House, you can expect Republicans to seek to impeach Biden in the first half of 2025.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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