Congress just accused Joe Biden of this heinous act

Joe Biden’s incompetence has been on display for years. But this is more sinister than anything we’ve ever seen.

And Congress just accused Joe Biden of this heinous act.

President Biden had cemented himself as one the most radically left-wing presidents in American history.

Under his watch, the borders have collapsed, inflation remains high, and government agencies and schools are pushing woke ideologies.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the woke takeover was relegated to obscure bureaus in D.C. that have no effect on the lives of Americans.

But, of course, that’s not good enough for Democrats.

Every man, woman (if they know what one is), and child must bend their knee to the “new sensibilities.”

It’s gone so far as to infect our armed forces, and now Republicans are warning that Americans are in more danger than ever.

According to two veterans who now serve in Congress, the military’s woke policies prioritize race over competence.

Representatives Mike Waltz (R-FL) and Wesley Hunt (R-TX) spoke on Fox News Tonight about how leftist policies are undermining the military’s capacity to win wars.

“I found out what was being taught at West Point, which was a seminar titled ‘How to Cope with your Whiteness and White Rage’ at West Point,” said Waltz, a combat-decorated Green Beret who served more than 26 years in the U.S. Army.

“They were recommending to not say ‘mom’ and ‘dad,’ not say ‘boyfriend,’ ‘girlfriend,’ and they’re being taught that the flag that they signed up to die for is inherently, at its core, bad — that it’s misogynist, that it is racist, that it is colonialist,” Waltz continued. “A lot of recruits are saying, ‘That’s not what we signed up for,’ and it is tearing our military apart from the inside, and it’s impossible to avoid the conversation.”

Hunt, a former Apache helicopter pilot, went on to say that race should not be an issue in defending the United States.

“We have this bond together based on our humanity and imperfections,” Hunt said. “We were all Americans, No. 1. That’s what’s so important.”

Lt. Col. Stu Scheller, who was discharged in December 2021 after appearing in viral videos criticizing political and military authorities’ handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, has stated that “wokeism” in the military is causing opportunity inequity.

“Wokeism is just simply placing the social values of equal opportunity over the values of the organization, so in the military, it should be war-fighting,” Scheller said, explaining how he saw the push to create more diversity of race among combat officers despite the soldiers’ expressed desires. “Equality, so the critical race theory, just assuming that the system is inherently racist, is shortsighted.”

“I think everyone should subscribe to: ‘We want equality. We want one standard.’ If you want to be an infantry officer, Apache pilot, whatever it is, you have to achieve the standard.”

Waltz concurred, arguing that servicemen and women should be assigned to jobs based on their standards and ability to complete a task.

“It’s about standards. Not about gender, race, or religion. This is the standard to be a Marine, the standard to be an Air Force pilot or Green Beret. That’s it. Either you meet the standard, or you don’t. That should be the military’s sole objective,” Waltz said.

“Whether you’re a farm boy from Indiana, or inner-city Detroit, or wherever, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, you’re all forced together,” Waltz added. “That’s why I think we have to get back to national service, some shared sacrifice for a cause bigger, and then the only color you’re worried about is red, white, blue because you’re all Americans serving a cause bigger than yourself.”

Capt. Jason Church, a retired Army officer, similarly stated that the race of another soldier did not matter to him while he was wounded on the battlefield.

“If I had people surrounding me who could not meet the standards physically, to carry me off the battlefield, could not meet the standards in the air to provide air support, fighting off the Taliban to make sure a medevac could land, I’m dead. I’m not here,” Church said.

“When we look at this over time, it also reduces America’s abilities to fight and win wars. If you have people dying on the battlefield and forces losing the ability to project power, that’s how an enemy like China or Russia beats us. If we’re prioritizing politics over military effectiveness and readiness, we will lose the next war.”

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