Democrats in Congress are stunned by the federal crime Joe Biden’s just committed

The crimes of the Biden regime are piling up. Now top Democrat legislators can’t deny it.

Because Democrats in Congress are absolutely stunned by the federal crime Joe Biden’s just committed.

High-profile Democrat Party members criticized President Joe Biden following the early Friday morning bombings in Yemen by American and British military against the Houthi militants.

Strikes were carried out in reaction to more than twenty attacks on Yemeni ships by rebels supported by Iran. These attacks began in the wake of a terrorist attack in southern Israel on October 7th, which killed more than 1,400 people, including thirty Americans. The strikes, according to many Democrats, were unconstitutional.

Missouri Democrat Cori Bush tweeted, “@POTUS can’t launch airstrikes in Yemen without congressional approval. This is illegal and violates Article I of the Constitution. The people do not want more of our taxpayer dollars going to endless war and the killing of civilians. Stop the bombing and do better by us.”

Rashida Tlaib, a Democrat from Michigan, said that the president is acting in violation of the Constitution by launching airstrikes on Yemen without first obtaining legislative consent. “The American people are tired of endless war.”

In a statement released late Thursday night, Biden affirmed the claims made by other House Democrats who used Article I of the Constitution in response to the strikes.

Posting online, California Democrat Ro Khanna urged the president to consult with lawmakers before instigating military action against the Houthis in Yemen and drawing the United States into yet another international crisis in the Middle East. “That is Article I of the Constitution. I will stand up for that regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican is in the White House.”

“These airstrikes have NOT been authorized by Congress,” Democrat Val Hoyle from the state of Oregon posted online. “The Constitution is clear: Congress has the sole authority to authorize military involvement in overseas conflicts. Every president must first come to Congress and ask for military authorization, regardless of party.”

Biden was also blasted by Tulsi Gabbard, a former Democrat from Hawaii who said that the president had failed to consider the repercussions of the attacks.

Gabbard spoke to Fox News host Laura Ingraham about the current situation, saying, “What they are doing here now appears to not be well thought out at all or considering what the ramifications of this will be and how it serves our national security interest.”

She compared it to previous decisions, such as removing the Houthis from the terrorist list a few years ago or handing Iran over $6 billion, which is not being used for the humanitarian needs of Iranians at all.

Article 1 of the U.S. constitution specifically grants Congress the power to “declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water.”

Conservatives have, for years, been critical of the White House’s abuse of executive power to unilaterally and effectively declare war without ever having to get it approved through Congress.

For almost twenty years, the U.S. Congress has not had the opportunity to approve any specific military action taken by the White House. The last authorization of military action was during the Bush era back in 2003.

There hasn’t been an official declaration of war approved by the U.S. since the second world war.

If there’s any argument for the necessity of being able to quickly launch an attack without going through the process of getting Congressional approval, that argument is made moot by the fact that the pendulum is now on the completely opposite end.

Congress is being sidestepped almost entirely, and history proves it. The fact that Democrats are speaking up and harshly criticizing a sitting Democrat President should be eye-opening for the Biden regime.

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