Former Democrat shares the harsh truth about the Democrat Party

The Democrat Party is falling apart at the seams. The reason why will shock you.

Because this former Democrat just shared the most important harsh truth about the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party has seen quite a few major, high-profile Democrats leave the Party officially and for good.

Tulsi Gabbard, the former Democrat Representative from Hawaii and Democrat candidate for President, left the Democrat Party officially when she announced on October 11, 2022 that she was tired of the radical Left takeover of the Party.

She accused the Democrats of becoming elitists who have lost being in touch with the American people, something she said the Democrats once had.

She said the Party has become overrun with warmongers who truly hate the average American who can’t get on board with their radical agendas.

But she’s not the only major Democrat who left their caucus.

In December of 2022, U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema also announced that she would be officially changing her political status from Democrat to independent after being a registered Democrat for nearly 20 years.

She is in a unique position because she’s still a U.S. Senator whereas Tulsi Gabbard had decided to leave the life of being a congressmember.

So Kyrsten Sinema leaving the Democrat Party truly hurt the Democrats in the hotly debated Senate chamber that is super close in votes on the Party lines.

But it seems Kyrsten Sinema isn’t done being a thorn in the side of the Democrats.

She recently went brutally honest behind-closed-doors discussions where she described Democrats as “Old dudes” who eat Jell-O and “talk about how great they are.”

She said that while she is formally aligned with the Democrats for “committee purposes,” she is not a part of the Party at all.

“I’m not caucusing with the Democrats, I’m formally aligned with the Democrats for committee purposes,” Sinema said, according to the outlet Politico.

“Old dudes are eating Jell-O, everyone is talking about how great they are,” Sinema continued.

The Politico article notes that Sinema has, for a few months now, aligned herself more closely with conservative and Republican circles rather than Democrat ones.

That isn’t to say that she’s a conservative by any means. She still has a lot of awful policy ideas.

But she is a prime example of how extreme the Democrat Party has become.

Even she can’t put up with the nonsense of the Democrats anymore. They say that they are the party of “diversity” and “inclusion,” but the reality is that it really is just a bunch of prideful old dudes in power in the Democrat Party throughout Congress.

Just take a look who is in the Oval Office and say with a straight face that the Democrat Party is actually pro-diversity. You can’t.

Sinema is just letting the American public in on the harsh reality of the Democrat Party they’d rather you not know.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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