New House Speaker replacing Kevin McCarthy revealed

The ousting of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker was historic. It’s thrown Congress into chaos.

But the new House Speaker who will replace Kevin McCarthy has now been revealed.

You’ll remember that earlier this year, there was concern for whether House Republican Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) would make a good House Speaker to lead the Republican party in the lower chamber as the conservative base has been growing more and more tired of the status quo.

A handful of Republicans such as Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Chip Roy (R-TX) refused to vote for Kevin McCarthy to install him as Speaker of the House, making it difficult for the California Republican in the process.

Though after many votes and some concessions on House rules, McCarthy won over the support of enough Republicans to win control over the gavel. The only problem is that he never intended to play by the rules.

Recently, Matt Gaetz exposed multiple House rules violations on the part of Kevin McCarthy – rules that McCarthy agreed to in order to become the Speaker. This led to his ousting, of course, as Republicans in the House have grown tired of being lied to by McCarthy.

The only question is who replaces him? Well now we may know.

During the first few votes for House Speaker, Republican Jim Jordan (R-OH) kept coming up as a solid conservative choice to lead the new Republican majority.

Now Jim Jordan is allegedly going to be seeking to become the next Speaker of the House in Kevin McCarthy’s absence, according to the latest reports on Capitol Hill.

Republican Jim Jordan has been a House Representative for more than a decade and a half and he said that he wants to “unite the conference” of Republicans in the lower chamber.

Jim Jordan entered politics and was elected to the Ohio State House of Representatives in 1994, where he served until 2000. In 2006, he was elected to the United States House of Representatives, representing Ohio’s 4th congressional district. He has been re-elected multiple times.

Jordan is known for his conservative and libertarian-leaning political views. He co-founded the House Freedom Caucus, a group of conservative Republican members of the House of Representatives who advocate for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and other conservative principles.

Jordan has served on various committees during his time in Congress, including the Committee on Oversight and Reform, where he became a prominent voice for conservative positions on issues such as immigration, healthcare, and government oversight.

There are other choices for Republicans to consider, however.

Byron Donalds (R-FL) was also brought up at the beginning of the voting process earlier this year as a more conservative alternative to the California Republican Kevin McCarthy.

Though, at the time of this article being written, Donalds has not announced any intention to become the next Speaker of the House in McCarthy’s absence.

As of now, the big fight will appear to be between Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan, both of whom are going to try to court the more conservative Republicans in the party to assure that they can do the job better than it has been lately.

Jim Jordan may just have a leg up on Scalise in that department, but Scalise may carry more of the general support of the Representatives in the lower chamber.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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