Resignation announcement in Congress just plunged D.C. into mayhem

The struggle over power in Washington, D.C. is palpable. But the scales have been tipped.

As this resignation announcement from Congress just flipped all of D.C. upside down.

After the 2022 midterms, both major political parties were trying to claim that the elections were a massive success and that their party would now be in control.

The House Republicans, led by Kevin McCarthy, claimed that now that they had control of the U.S. House, they’d stop Joe Biden’s agenda dead in its tracks. While some of that has happened, unfortunately, far too much “deal making” with RINOs and radical Democrats in the chamber has been going on.

In the Senate, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) paraded around with his fellow Democrats acting like gaining another seat in the upper chamber was going to give them what they needed to ram through their progressive agenda.

Again, that simply hasn’t happened. In fact, Chuck Schumer has been embarrassingly unable to get dozens and dozens of Joe Biden nominees up to a vote in the Senate chamber. Even members of his own party are critical of his wildly ineffective “leadership.”

While both major political parties are in a tug of war, it’s clear that the Democrats in particular are falling apart at the seams. Especially after this stunning resignation announcement from a top Democrat.

In the U.S. House, Democrat Representative Dean Phillips (MN) has decided to step down from his House leadership role for the Democrat party.

Dean Phillips is reportedly stepping down because of his party’s outright support for Joe Biden’s reelection campaign in 2024, which has been off to an absolutely horrendous start ever since he announced his candidacy.

“My convictions relative to the 2024 presidential race are incongruent with the majority of my caucus, and I felt it appropriate to step aside from elected leadership,” Dean Phillips said with an official statement for the media.

Mr. Phillips has been critical of the Democrat party for supporting a Joe Biden reelection campaign for a variety of reasons, particularly due to Joe Biden’s age and political failures.

He said earlier this year that he thought there were “ample, well-prepared, competent people” who should be running for the Democrats instead of Joe Biden.

That is a sentiment that is shared by many within the Democrat party as well as much of the voting base for President Joe Biden.

Some polls have shown that upwards of 70% of Democrat voters believe that Joe Biden is not the guy to run for the Democrat party in the Presidential election in 2024.

Way more independents and Republicans believe that Joe Biden shouldn’t be running either. That’s a major reason why many believe that Joe Biden could be toast should he make it to an election against the likes of Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis.

Dean Phillips is saying the quiet part out loud. The Democrats feel cornered with having Joe Biden run again because they can’t let Kamala Harris take up the mantle. They know she wouldn’t win a general election in a million years.

And yet, they can’t turn to anyone else because it would look like they used Joe Biden in 2020 and decided to dump him right afterwards.

The DC Daily Journal will keep you updated on any updates from the U.S. House of Representatives.

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