The U.S. Senate sent Biden a letter with a game-changing demand

Joe Biden

President Biden thinks he can get away with anything he wants. He’s dead wrong.

Because the U.S. Senate has sent Biden a letter with a game-changing demand.

Late last year, Dr. Anthony Fauci announced that he would be leaving his post as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at the end of the year in December.

Fauci was hoping he could just go into retirement and finally get out of the public eye after facing intense criticism after the truth of COVID-19 started to come out in 2021 and 2022.

Earlier this year, however, rumors started to fly about Dr. Fauci, specifically that he still might be on the federal government’s payroll even though Americans were led to believe that Fauci was simply retiring.

Fauci is apparently still the most highly paid federal employee that’s paid by the American taxpayer at this time, leaving many wondering what he is doing.

Who else is better to follow up on this Fauci confusion than U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)?

You may remember that Rand Paul had many arguments with Fauci in Congressional hearings because Paul could not get Fauci to answer him straight on critical questions that he and the rest of the American public had about COVID-19.

Now Rand Paul is demanding answers from the Biden administration about the truth of Dr. Fauci’s status within the federal government.

Senator Paul has sent a letter to the Biden administration demanding answers to five questions he has about Dr. Fauci’s employment and pay.

“While many interpreted these statements to mean Dr. Fauci would be ending his employment with the federal government in December 2022, it is not clear if that is in fact the case,” Rand Paul says in the Biden administration.

“This raises questions about Dr. Fauci’s current employment status and whether he is still receiving certain taxpayer-funded benefits associated with active public service, such as legal counsel and protective services,” Paul continued on in his letter.

He then asked the five questions about Fauci that he wants answers to by the deadline of June 30th, 2023.

First he outright asks if Fauci is employed by the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department. He also asks if he is, for his job description to be made clear.

. Is Dr. Fauci currently employed by, or formally affiliated in any way with, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), National Institutes of Health (NIH), or any other federal agency? If so, please describe the nature of his work and provide his current salary. If not, please provide the date in which his federal service formally ended.

Secondly, he asks if Fauci has formal access to areas within the HHS, NIH, and NIAID that are not available to the American public, clarifying whether he has special clearance.

2. Does Dr. Fauci currently have the ability to access non-public areas of HHS, NIH, NIAID, or any other federal agency building? Please include both federally leased and government-owned properties.

Thirdly, Paul asks the Biden administration if Fauci has a physical office at the HHS, NIH, or the NIAID.

3. Does Dr. Fauci currently maintain and office within HHS, NIH, NIAID, or any other federal agency? Please include both federally leased and government-owned properties.

Next, Paul critically asks the Biden administration to clarify whether Dr. Fauci continues to receive “legal representation” from the federal government and its agencies.

4. Is Dr. Fauci currently receiving any legal representation or legal advice through HHS, NIH, NIAID, or any other federal agency? This includes legal representation and legal advice from federal agency counsel, as well as any federally contracted outside representation.

Lastly, Paul asks if Fauci has security detail or protective services paid for by the American taxpayer.

5. Is Dr. Fauci currently receiving a protective detail and/or security services funded by the U.S. Secret Service, HHS, NIH, NIAID, or any other federal agency? Please include protective detail and security services provided by a federal agency counsel, as well as any federally contracted security services.

Rand Paul has said that it is his theory that Fauci is still technically remaining as a federal employee so that he can get legal protections within the Biden administration so he doesn’t have to face indictment.

The DC Daily Journal will keep you updated on this developing story on Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Biden administration.

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