Leading Leftist caught red-handed spending donor money on secret foreign meetings

The Democrat Party is a disgrace. They aren’t even trying to hide their corruption.

Because this leading Leftist’s been caught red-handed spending donations on secret foreign meetings.

The reality is that politicians from all backgrounds and all political parties have been abusing their power to live opulent lifestyles off the backs of generous donors and even taxpayers once they are in office.

Democrats, in particular, love to proclaim to be the “party of the people” and that they’d never do that to their supporters. If that was ever true (we have our doubts), any such remnants of that party are completely gone.

Today, Democrats have become a party of elitists who hide behind a guise of being for the little guy. If you need any evidence that this is just political class propaganda, just consider the latest news about a top Democrat in Congress abusing donor cash.

Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who is running for re-election for his U.S. House of Representatives seat in California’s 14th district, has found himself involved in yet another scandal. This time stemming from his campaign.

Swalwell was infamously accused of being intimately involved with a Chinese spy, Christine Fang, back in 2020. Those accusations and investigations were eventually dropped as it’s been assumed that he had no idea that Fang was a Chinese spy. That doesn’t seem like a very good excuse for someone who should take national security seriously, but we digress.

This time, though, there’s no “accusations.” The truth about Swalwell’s corruptions is available for anyone to see.

According to reports, Swalwell’s campaign has been spending tens of thousands of dollars for trips to Dubai, as he stays in five-star hotels in one of the richest cities in the world.

Fox News reports:

According to its year-end filings, Swalwell’s committee reported three payments for nearly $1,700 in Dubai at the five-star Burj Al Arab Hotel, considered the city’s “most iconic hotel” and one of the tallest hotels in the world.

Fox News also notes that the Swalwell campaign racked up a bill of more than $90,000 for travel in the last quarter of 2023 alone.

The Democrat representative from California has even spent more on travel than former Democrat Speaker of the House and fellow California Democrat, Nancy Pelosi.

What Swalwell is doing in foreign regions like Dubai, London, Germany, and France is, of course, not something Swalwell’s unsuspecting donors get to know. Something tells us his voting base wouldn’t necessarily like to hear it.

It’s not just that he’s spending time in foreign countries either. It’s the fact that campaign donations, which are supposed to be used on Swalwell trying to win re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives, are seemingly being abused and used for anything Swalwell and his team desires.

The evidence for that? Well the same campaign finance report has indicated that Mr. Swalwell has been spending countless thousands of dollars on a luxurious lifestyle filled with recreational opulence.

His campaign spent $1,200 on what’s known as the “Washington Suite Life” which is apparently known as a “luxury suite brokerage firm” based in Washington, D.C. God knows what that’s for.

His campaign has spent $5,364 on a luxury fan experience event under the name “Fan Experiences LLC.” In fact, in one case, Swalwell spent $1,560 for event tickets at Lincoln field – the home of the Philadelphia Eagles. What’s a California Democrat doing there? Well his fan-favorite San Francisco 49ers were on the schedule to play the Eagles of course. So why not enjoy a football game at the expense of donors?

All this to say nothing about the thousands of dollars he’s spending on luxury yacht events, fine dining, and dozens of other miscellaneous parts of an elitist lifestyle.

Sure, there’s people from both major political parties who are just as corrupt and more. But never forget that the Democrats at least still try to hide behind this veil of socialism and being “for the little guy.”

The reality is the socialism they like is one that involves them living elitist lifestyles on the backs of hardworking Americans who are generous enough to support them while they hide it all from the donors.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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