Barack Obama’s dark history with Hamas terrorists surfaces

The foreign policy of the Obama admin is a weak-point for the Democrats. But it’s worse than you think.

Because Barack Obama’s dark history with Hamas terrorists has surfaced with alarming details.

At one point, the Democrat Party in America was regarded as an anti-war political party. It’s simply true that there were plenty of Democrats who were against wasting taxpayer dollars on waging imperialistic wars all over the world.

That anti-war sentiment of the Democrat Party from the 1960s and 1970s is all gone now.

Today, the Democrat Party’s foreign policy is largely characterized by clandestine military operations that are designed to be kept out of the public view and instead propagandized as “diplomacy.”

Just consider how Hillary Clinton’s covert operations in Libya utterly fell apart and led to the tragic scandal in Benghazi back in 2012.

War moves made in secret is how the Democrat Party operates today, and there’s one move that Obama made that is seriously backfiring on the United States.

A report from Fox News details how the Obama administration supported and approved of a Hamas embassy in Qatar, which is southeast of Israel.

Foreign policy experts now believe that this approval of the office is actually backfiring because it has legitimized the Hamas terrorist group as a “democratic” voice in the region, though it is increasingly clear that Hamas has no democratic intentions.

Richard Goldberg, the former Trump admin foreign policy official involved with work on policy regarding Iran, shared in an interview how the Obama administration’s coordination with Muslim states helped establish Hamas in the region, particularly in Qatar with an embassy.

“For many years now, both the United States and Israel have been living in a policy fantasy world where we have tolerated Hamas’ existence in Doha and believed that Doha would be a moderating influence,” Mr. Goldberg said.

Furthermore, Fox News notes that there was an op-ed published in The Wall Street Journal that proves that the intention to give Hamas an embassy in the region came directly from the Obama administration in Washington, D.C.

The op-ed from 2012 says that the Qatari government established the embassy because of “a request from Washington to establish indirect lines of communication.”

The author of the op-ed, the Qatari ambassador to Washington, D.C., alleged that this move was not supposed to be taken as an “endorsement” of Hamas and instead taken as a diplomatic move to communication with Hamas.

Mr. Goldberg of the former President Trump administration says that this was all a part of the Obama administration’s plan to further establish the Muslim states in the region.

He shared with the media that this move to establish the Hamas embassy was “already in line with the Obama administration’s thinking of how to remake the Middle East in a Muslim Brotherhood image, and the Qataris played right into that.”

Steven Simon, a former Obama administration era official who served as the senior director for the National Security Council, believes that the Hamas terrorists got what they wanted in being able to establish themselves as a regime that’s seeking democratic support from the media and others in and outside of the region.

“Hamas leadership needed a place where it had unfettered access to media, to communications and simple infrastructure of care and feeding, and a place, of course, where they would be safe, and Doha was a great place for that,” the Obama-era federal official noted. “They would have found a comfortable environment…that the people they dealt with on a day-to-day basis, the Qatari government in particular, would be comfortable dealing with them.”

What shouldn’t be lost in all of this is that it’s clear that the Obama regime specifically requested for the embassy in Qatar to be established.

This idea that the U.S. simply gave a mere verbal “approval” of the idea is totally bogus.

The Obama administration wanted that from the beginning. Why would they want that? Well, we have to remind ourselves how the Democrats operate in modern American foreign policy politics.

They want to keep their operations as quiet as possible. There’s a strong case to be made that the Democrat party, led by the Obama administration, wants to build up a strong Muslim Middle East that threatens the security of Israel and the western values they represent.

We’ll leave it up to your imagination to wonder why that might be.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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