Donald Trump is feeling the heat as a potential new challenger emerges

Trump is far ahead in the polls in the Republican primary. But the establishment GOP is hoping to change that.

And Donald Trump is feeling the heat as a potential new challenger emerges.

Unless something drastic happens, former President Trump will be the Republican nominee heading into 2024.

Members of the Never-Trump movement in the Republican party are doing all they can to avoid this from happening however.

Current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is quickly falling behind Trump, leaving some members of the Republican party wondering if there’s another option to defeat Trump in the primary.

DeSantis was seen as the candidate who could challenge Donald Trump the most, but lately his poll numbers have been underwhelming.

“DeSantis has faltered and failed to meet expectations and donors know it,” said Ed Rollins, a former campaign manager for Ronald Reagan.

“No one has a real opening right now, but people are trying to figure out what to do.”

Large donors for the Republican party believe Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) could be a possible challenger to Donald Trump in the primary.

In mid-October, Youngkin is planning to host a “Red Vest Retreat” in Virginia Beach, Virginia to help strategize on how state Republicans can take control of the General Assembly.

Robert Costa from CBS News believes this event will be an opportunity for some of these big GOP donors to convince the Virginia Governor to run for president.

Costa describes the retreat as “an opportunity for them to try to push, if not shove, Youngkin into the Republican presidential race.”

“I’m for whoever can beat Trump in the primary and, while I still think some of the current candidates can do this, I’d welcome Youngkin putting his oar in.” former Attorney General William Barr said to Costa.

“If the governor indicated he’d do it, I believe he would draw serious support and be a strong candidate.”

Glenn Youngkin has been rumored to run for president in 2024 for quite some time now.

He’s often shut down questions about a potential run because he says he’s focused on helping Virginia win it’s state elections for the Republicans.

Currently Donald Trump looks unstoppable in the polls.

But the Never-Trump GOP thinks Governor Youngkin has a real shot at stopping the former President from winning the party’s nomination.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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