Election interference by this foreign power has Democrats grinning ear to ear

The Left constantly spew lies about election interference by other nations to denigrate Trump. Now the shoe is on the other foot, and they couldn’t care less.

And election interference by this foreign power has Democrats grinning ear to ear.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in an interview this week that he preferred President Joe Biden’s re-election over former President Donald Trump.

Putin made the statements in an interview with state television when asked to select between Biden and Trump.

Reuters said that Putin responded “without hesitation,” saying: “Biden. He is a more experienced, predictable person, a politician of the old school.”

“But we will work with any U.S. president who the American people have confidence in,” he added.

Putin’s remarks come after Biden has faced mockery, calls to resign, and doubt over his mental fitness for office after Special Counsel Robert Hur concluded last week in his criminal investigation into Biden’s handling of classified material that Biden “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials,” but that no criminal charges were warranted because prosecutors believe they could not get a conviction since a jury would see Biden as “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

According to the inquiry into Biden, he was unable to recall basic facts about important events in his life, including his time as vice president in the Obama administration, and he was unable to recall when his son died within many years, despite the fact that he frequently discussed his son’s passing.

Biden then convened a news conference to establish his mental fitness for president, during which he yelled at reporters and forgot some important information.

During the conversation, Putin stated that the attacks on Biden’s age, 81, and mental capacity for government were “getting more and more vicious,” referring to when the two met in 2021.

People “were already saying Biden wasn’t competent [ . . . ] but I saw nothing of the sort. Yes, he looked at his notes, and to be honest, I looked at mine. No big deal. So he banged his head on the helicopter when he was getting out of it — who of us hasn’t banged their head on something?”

Putin said there was logic to Trump’s recent words regarding NATO, particularly that Europeans should pay their fair amount rather than relying on the United States to pay for everything.

Americans should be worried sick that the President of Russia has essentially endorsed Biden.

And don’t misunderstand why Putin is doing this. It isn’t because he thinks Biden is competent and levelheaded.

He knows Biden is doing terribly, both mentally and politically, and that’s all Putin wants.

He wants a weak America – an America he can “predict” and one that won’t outsmart him.

Plus, what’s lost in all of this, is the fact that Democrats have touted Trump and Putin’s supposed “friendship” for years as a sign of collusion or treason.

But when it comes down to it, Putin wants what’s worst for America, and that’s Joe Biden.


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