Fox News shattered Joe Biden’s world with this jaw-dropping prediction

The Biden campaign secretly has a big problem. One Fox News employee thinks they know what it is.

And Fox News shattered Joe Biden’s world with this jaw-dropping prediction.

Fox News has definitely had a rough past several months. During the 2022 midterms, Fox News came under heavy criticism for more election calling failures and overall dropping the ball in terms of reporting during the election.

Then Fox News made the insane decision to outright fire their top talent at the network in Tucker Carlson and they refused to explain for their viewers why they did so.

Following that decision, the network’s ratings and viewership has been suffering in that primetime slot that Tucker Carlson filled.

You would expect Fox News to calm down with some of the craziness but it seems they are instead doubling down.

Fox News host Tomi Lahren recently made a wild prediction that she is dead serious about. She went so far as to say there’s “no doubt” that it happens.

The prediction? Lahren says that California Governor Gavin Newsom is actually going to be the Democrat nominee for President and not the incumbent President Joe Biden.

She made it clear that she does not believe that Newsom plans to be running as a third party or independent in the Presidential election. No, she actually thinks Newsom will be the Democrat nominee, meaning he will beat Biden in the primary race.

“I believe Gavin Newsom is going to run in 2024,” she said. “I don’t believe he is going to take on Joe Biden. I believe he is going to be the Democrat nominee. I believe the DNC, the Democrat Party, is going to install him in that position. There is no doubt in my mind,” she added.

Check out the full clip below:

That’s certainly a bold prediction from Lahren considering Newsom has said multiple times that he will not be running with Joe Biden in the race.

Sure, Joe Biden could be pulled out of the race by the Democrat Party in an extreme scenario, but that would effectively hand the Presidential Election to either Trump or DeSantis on the other side. The Democrat Party really doesn’t want to do that.

As with anything in politics, it’s possible that Lahren’s crazy prediction comes true. But what Biden should be more worried about is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy Jr. is actually doing quite well in the polls with some showing that he’s garnered as much as 20% of the support of the Democrat primary voters already.

If Democrats are forced to put Joe Biden on a debate stage with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., that can easily swell and turn into a tight race against Biden in the primary season.

Certainly, Tomi Lahren is right that Joe Biden’s nomination is not as inevitable as the Democrat establishment is making it out to be.

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