Hillary Clinton makes a shocking election announcement

Hillary Clinton

Former Obama State Secretary Hillary Clinton is trying to make a comeback. How she’s doing it may surprise you.

Because Hillary Clinton just made this shocking election announcement.

In 2016 when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton to win the Presidential election, it put the final nail in the coffin of Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations.

She had tried and failed to win in 2008, even though she was a heavy favorite at the time. And she tried and failed once again in 2016, being the heavy favorite also against Trump.

Being the leading candidate twice and failing to get your spot in the Oval Office was devastating for her and she had to go into hiding.

But lately she’s been getting back into the political world, trying to make her impact felt wherever she can.

Some have suggested that Hillary Clinton might have been gearing up for a 2024 run to push Joe Biden aside since his reelection efforts look bleak with his advancing age and awful approval ratings.

That never materialized and it appears Hillary Clinton has very much given up on Presidential election aspirations. Yet, she hasn’t given up on being in the forefront of critical elections.

You see, the state of Virginia almost never has a time when they are not in an election season. Basically every November there is an important election for that state.

This year is no different. Republicans in the Virginia House of Representatives legislature hold a slim 2 vote majority (52-48) in the chamber. In the Senate, they also carry a razor thin 2 vote majority (22-18).

This political “off year” actually puts up all 100 Virginia House reps up for reelection and with Virginia becoming a major battleground states, both major political parties want to come out the victor to carry the momentum into 2024.

As for Hillary Clinton, she’s trying to bring attention to this and rally her radical Leftist base to flip the Virginia state House of Representatives this election.

She tweeted “Democrats only need to flip three seats to regain control of the Virginia state House. Plug in with @onwardtogether groups and friends like @swingleft, @runforsomething, @dlcc and more to learn how to help.”

Many of the races for the Virginia State House of Representatives are proving to be closely battled and contested and they very well may come down to the wire and see recounts.

Hillary Clinton is trying to rally her troops there because, ultimately, the Democrats have been reeling ever since Governor Glenn Youngkin rolled into town.

Glenn Youngkin ripped the hearts out of the Democrats when he handily beat his radical Democrat opponent Terry McAuliffe in the 2021 gubernatorial election.

The Republicans have the aid of the sitting Virginia Governor, who is doing fairly well in the polls, to help push them over the finish line against the Democrat opponents seeking to flip the Virginia legislature.

Many conservatives are sounding the alarm on this subtle action from Hillary Clinton to make sure the conservative voters do not rest on their laurels and let the Democrats flip Virginia back to the blue trajectory that had it on before Glenn Youngkin won his upset against McAuliffe.

The DC Daily Journal will be sure to keep you updated on the Virginia state legislature races that will be decided this November. Stay tuned.

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