Joe Biden should be very scared of what Nikki Haley just did

Everyone’s waiting to see if Joe Biden will run again in 2024. That’s looking like a bad idea.

Because what Nikki Haley just did should make Joe Biden very scared.

The race for President is heating up with the Democrat and Republican primaries just over half a year away.

The Democrat field is very uncertain at this time as Joe Biden continues to delay his decision about running for President again as the incumbent. His advancing age and low approval numbers are likely giving him a reason to pause and really consider whether he wants to run again.

On the other side, the Republican field is much tighter than in years past.

In 2016, there were literally dozens of major candidates running for President on the Republican side who had legitimate shots at winning.

This time around, the field of legitimate candidates is really just two or three people.

Obviously Donald Trump is the biggest name in the field.

Ron DeSantis has yet to announce but is expected to in the coming months, and polls show him to be in a tight race with Donald Trump.

And Nikki Haley is the dark horse of the race who is a factor that no one should be forgetting about, lest they end up surprised by the results.

Evidence of just how well Nikki Haley is doing comes from the news her campaign just shared with the media that showed she raised more than $11 million in the first six weeks of her presidential candidacy.

The $11 million came from more than 70,000 individual donations that came from all fifty states. The report shows that the majority of these donations were all under $200.

The New York Times reports:

Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor and United Nations ambassador, raised more than $11 million in the first six weeks of her presidential run…

Ms. Haley received 70,000 donations, from all 50 states, the vast majority of which were under $200, her campaign said in a news release…

The $11 million that Haley raised is $1.5 million more than Trump raised in the first six weeks of his campaign.

That’s a major feat regardless of how you view it.

On Trump’s end, his campaign seems to be doing even better since the news of his indictment came out.

The New York Times reported that Trump also raised an eye-watering $12 million just since his indictment, which is blistering fast.

Ron DeSantis obviously can’t fundraise because his campaign hasn’t launched yet, but he has gathered a corner of powerful conservatives who are fully behind him, including former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

In fact, the Super PAC “Never Back Down” that has announced its intention to see Ron DeSantis win the Presidency, has raised more than $30 million since launching on March 9th.

That’s also an impressive number as well.

All this should show Joe Biden and the Democrats that the conservative base is energized and ready to do what it takes to kick the Democrats out of power in Washington, D.C. in 2024.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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