Ron DeSantis hit with devastating news from his own state


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the last big name to jump into the race for the White House. But he’s got a problem brewing.

Because Ron DeSantis has been hit with devastating news from his own state.

Heading into 2023, everyone knew that the three most important Presidential candidates were the incumbent Democrat Joe Bide, the former President Donald Trump, and the Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis.

Those three men largely agree it’s a three-way race with everyone else unlikely to do well at all in the primaries.

Though, it is noteworthy that on the Democrat side, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been soaring in the polls with as much as 20% of likely Democrat voters saying they would vote for him.

Joe Biden also has a problem of a majority of Democrat voters taking issue with the plans of the Democrat National Committee to forego holding any debates between the 80 year old President and his opponents.

On Donald Trump’s part, he’s also identified Ron DeSantis as a major threat, that’s why he’s spent so much time trying to push himself over DeSantis with his 2016 and 2020 voters.

According to a variety of polls, Trump does carry a lead over DeSantis on a national level, but it’s worth keeping in mind that Ron DeSantis is the Governor of Florida.

What’s significant about that is the fact that Florida is one of the most important Republican primary states to win for whoever wants to win the Republican nomination in the end.

Some polls there show Ron DeSantis ahead of Trump, others show Trump leading DeSantis in the Sunshine state.

But there could be a major development that is definitely worrying Ron DeSantis and one that Trump should keep his eye on too.

According to reports, the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, has announced that he will be running for President in 2024 as well.

What should be worrying for Ron DeSantis about this news is that Ron DeSantis typically carries the most respect from conservatives in the state amongst Republicans.

Ron DeSantis almost certainly needs to win Florida to beat Trump in the primary race, and this could lead some of his base away from himself and into the corner of Francis Suarez. That would be devastating for him as he will need all the help he can get there.

But DeSantis isn’t the only one who should be keeping his eye on this. Trump will need to likely make some stops in the Sunshine state as well.

Most political experts put the Mayor of Miami more in the political world of Donald Trump rather than Ron DeSantis. Kellyanne Conway, for example, said recently that she believes Suarez would be a top pick for Donald Trump as Vice President.

It’s possible that Suarez’s base will actually bite into some of Trump’s following in Florida rather than Ron DeSantis. With Florida being so critical, this could be the domino that leads to Ron DeSantis’ win in the state and the Republican nomination.

As for Suarez himself, it’s not really clear why he’s decided to run for President in an election that is going to be way harder than future elections, no doubt.

2028 proves to be way more of an open field within the Republican party, but in 2024, it just seems impossible for anyone not named Trump or DeSantis to win the primaries.

Maybe he’s doing it for the money, which is a sad reality of running for President in America these days. Rake in the campaign donations from people who actually believe in you, even if you have no chance.

Something about that feels wrong.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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