Trump received this chilling letter that means his life is in danger

Donald Trump is used to being under attack. But this went too far.

Because Trump received this chilling letter that means his life is in danger.

Back in December 2022, the Biden administration reached a deal with the Russians for a prisoner exchange of the Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout for the WNBA player Brittney Griner.

Brittney Griner was found guilty in Russia of smuggling and possessing illegal substances, while Viktor Bout was captured by the U.S. in Thailand in 2008 after years of trying to catch him for his war crimes.

When the exchange was took place, the vast majority of the American public thought it was the worst deal that Joe Biden could have made.

Brittney Greiner broke the laws of another sovereign nation and many thought it was right that she face the consequences of her actions that she did not even deny.

Viktor Bout, on the other hand, should be spending life in prison for his time as an international arms dealer that supported terrorists across the globe.

So, of course, that wasn’t the last we would hear about Viktor Bout. It was only a matter of time before he made the news again.

This time he’s sent a chilling letter directly to Donald Trump.

In a video being shared online, Viktor Bout says that he sent Donald Trump a letter warning him that he was a target for an attack on his life.

Bout says that Donald Trump’s indictment trial won’t end in “being convicted and barred from the election,” but that Trump will instead be “eliminated.”

He then said that Trump would be welcomed in Russia.

“First and foremost, I consider that his life is in danger and that the legal process which has now begun in New York, won’t end in Donald Trump being convicted and barred from the election,” the arms dealer said. “Most likely he will simply be eliminated there.”

There’s also a copy of the telegram that Viktor Bout sent Trump being circulated online as well.

Viktor Bout says that Trump’s life is “in peril” because he tried to protect Americans from the “globalist cabal” and added that the Biden administration isn’t going to just stop at throwing in him prison.

Here’s the full copy of the letter:

Dear Mr. Donald Trump,

I believe your life is in peril because during your term in the White House you had tried to save the American people from the genocidal globalist cabal, to protect the family, and to prevent the global conflicts which now destabilize the world.

Now this evil swamp is destroying the last foundations of the American republic, in fact turning it to full blown anarcho-tyranny. The future of humanity and life is at stake.

The Biden administration will not stop just by dragging you through the court/prison industrial complex, they would sooner end your life than let you stand in their way.

You will be welcome in Russia. You will have safe haven, and from here you can lead the fight for the American people, the rebellion against globalists, and for the bright future of the planet.

Sincerely yours, Viktor Bout

It’s unknown what the motive of this letter and warning from Viktor Bout is, and he definitely can’t be trusted.

But it is interesting seeing a third party foreign national weigh in on the indictment trial that many Americans believe is a sham to begin with.

Trump would be wise to stay on his guard at the very least.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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