Tucker Carlson’s life was changed by this letter he got in the mail

Tucker Carlson

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson just launched his new show on Twitter. But he might be forced to shut it down.

And Tucker Carlson’s life was changed by this letter he got in the mail that he was never expecting.

Tucker Carlson’s new Twitter “show” has been met with extreme popularity that far surpasses anything any other cable news network is pulling in right now.

His three episodes on Twitter so far have received more than 225 million watches in total and about 2 million “likes” as well. His posts are filled to the brim with comments eating up his content as well.

Of course, it’s to be expected that Fox News would be furious about this. Tucker was a major part of Fox News’ success and when he left, they had to know that he was going to bring a ton of fans with him.

That’s why they were trying so hard to keep him away from other major cable networks, and did so successfully.

They threatened him with legal battles should he decide to join another network, but Tucker’s way around this was a simple Twitter show where he’s exercising his First Amendment rights to share his opinions on the internet and on a platform where he is welcome. Fox News can’t control his Twitter account.

But when Tucker Carlson released his first episode, Fox News sent Tucker Carlson’s lawyers with warnings that he should take down the videos or face the legal consequences of going to court war with Fox News.

Carlson’s team denied those requests and Tucker continued to upload videos as he has planned for his millions upon millions of listeners.

Well now the confrontation between Fox News and Tucker Carlson has reached a head. Fox News has sent Tucker Carlson a cease-and-desist letter telling him that he must take down the videos immediately.

The Tucker Carlson team has responded, sharing with the media that they believe that Fox News is making a major mistake by harassing Tucker Carlson after he was fired from the network.

“Fox News continues to ignore the interests of its viewers, not to mention its shareholder obligations,” a Tucker Carlson lawyer said on the matter.

They also said that firing Carlson was the worst mistake the network has ever made “in the history” of cable news.

“Doubling down on the most catastrophic programming decision in the history of the cable news industry, Fox is now demanding that Tucker Carlson be silent until after the 2024 election,” the Carlson legal team added.

They also doubled down, making it clear that Carlson will not be taking down the videos because they do not believe he should be silenced by “anyone”, especially not Fox News.

“Tucker will not be silenced by anyone … He is a singularly important voice on matters of public interest in our country, and will remain so,” the statement concludes.

Fox News has not responded to requests from the media for comment on the Tucker Carlson legal team’s rebuttals to the cease-and-desist letter and demands to remove his videos from Twitter.

Fox News likely doesn’t want to have another major court case so soon after they were forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for their fumbling of the 2020 election that led them to lose total control of the narrative and end up in court for defamation.

Some say that’s what led to Tucker Carlson’s firing, arguing that Fox News is placing the blame on Tucker Carlson for the ruling that handed Fox News the major court loss that cost them unfathomable amounts of money.

But on the face of it, it seems Fox News would have a hard time arguing that Tucker Carlson is “working” for anyone right now as he’s just posting videos to Twitter for the time being. He is seemingly well within his First Amendment rights to do so.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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