A federal judge handed down a shocking ruling on the First Amendment


If there’s anything the radical Left hates the most, it’s the First Amendment. It offers critical rights to all Americans to protect their free speech and free association.

But now a federal judge just handed down a shocking ruling on the First Amendment.

For decades, it’s been understood that if a business owner simply doesn’t want their business to serve someone for non-discriminatory reasons, then that’s their own discretion.

But ever since the LGBTQ lobby has taken a strong foothold within the Democrat Party and, as a result, our nation’s politics, that reality has come under heat.

Now, businesses are being sued left and right for simply choosing not to offer services to LGBT-related occasions like weddings involving two people of the same sex.

Particularly, cake bakers and wedding venues have been getting hit with lawsuits accusing them of discrimination.

Five years ago, Kathy Miller and Tastries in Bakersfield were hit with a lawsuit claiming that Miller’s bakery discriminated against a same-sex couple who wanted Tastries to bake their cake for their wedding.

The store kindly denied the request due to their Christian beliefs, exercising their First Amendment rights.

Kathy Miller even referred the couple to other bakers who might be able to help them with baking a cake for their wedding.

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing prosecuted the Christian bakers as a result. But now we have a ruling.

A federal judge has ruled in Tastries in Bakersfield’s favor, arguing that the DFEH has not provided sufficient evidence to substantiate its claim that the Christian bakers discriminated against anyone.

Bakersfield Now writes:

Kathy Miller, owner of Tastries in Bakersfield has been going back and forth in court for five years in connection to a lawsuit that claims she discriminated against a same-sex couple.

A Kern County judge ruled Friday in favor of Miller and Tastries. She is accused of refusing to serve a same-sex couple a wedding cake in 2017. She says she referred to other bakers in the area.

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) “alleged the defendants discriminated against Eileen and Mireya in 2017 because of their sexual orientation, in violation of the Unruh Civil Rights Act,” according to the judge’s ruling.

The judge said the DFEH failed to prove its claim. There was no “discriminatory intent” under the act, and Tastries provided the defendants with “full and equal service” to the same-sex couple by referring them to a comparable local bakery.

It was well within Kathy Miller’s rights as the owner of Tastries to deny service for a same-sex wedding.

That’s literally the purpose of the First Amendment.

Kathy Miller was not denying someone service based on the color of their skin or ethnic background.

She simply didn’t want to bake a cake for a wedding that she believes is morally wrong, according to her Christian beliefs.

Of course, the modern Democrat Party finds that to be completely unacceptable.

Many on the Left today believe bakers like Kathy Miller should be forced to bake a cake for an event that the bakers find morally reprehensible.

You either fall in line or face the consequences of being sued to high heaven.

Luckily, Miller and Tastries won this one.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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