A top Democrat donor just gave Joe Biden news that confirms his worst nightmare

The Biden campaign is in huge trouble. There’s no turning this around.

And now a top Democrat donor just gave Joe Biden news that has confirmed his worst nightmare.

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, admitted on Thursday that antisemitism on the political Left in the United States is much more pervasive than he had anticipated.

“For a long time i said that antisemitism, particularly on the american left, was not as bad as people claimed,” Altman said on Twitter (also known as X). “I’d like to just state that i was totally wrong. i still don’t understand it, really. or know what to do about it. but it is so f**ked.”

Jewish philanthropist Altman has given over $1 million to Democratic candidates and causes, including Joe Biden for president, according to figures from the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The popular AI software ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has shown a tendency to lean Left in its responses to cultural and political questions, as demonstrated by several independent media outlets.

You can view the tweet below, but we won’t embed it into the article as it contains profanity that some of our readers may not wish to read.


Since the terrorist strikes on October 7th by Hamas terrorists, plenty of Jewish individuals are feeling lied to by their Left-wing friends who have supported antisemitic views, according to an article in The New York Times from October.

Many Jewish voters, including rabbis and political leaders, are shocked and feel rejected by the party they voted for in previous elections.

This past June 14, Altman contributed $200,000 to the Biden Victory Fund and $41,300 to the Democratic National Committee, as recorded by the Federal Election Commission. Senate Majority PAC also received $250,000 from Altman in 2018 and $250,000 from him in 2020.

Left-leaning views are frequently expressed on ChatGPT, such as the claim that there are no appreciable distinctions between transgender and “cisgender” women based on scientific data.

The CEO’s political donations have remained unchanged since June, as shown by the FEC statistics. Altman was removed from his position as CEO of OpenAI by the board of directors in late November, but he was reinstated soon after.

In recent years, discussions surrounding antisemitism have become increasingly prevalent, raising concerns about its presence across the political spectrum. While traditionally associated with the far-Right, there is a growing acknowledgment of anti-Jewish sentiments within certain factions of the political Left in America.

One of the primary areas where antisemitism intersects with Left-wing politics, is in discussions surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict. While criticism of Israeli policies is a legitimate aspect of political discourse, it becomes problematic when it evolves into blanket condemnation of all Jews.

Some individuals on the Left have been accused of using anti-Israel rhetoric as a guise for expressing antisemitic views, thereby perpetuating harmful stereotypes and conspiracies.

Another point of contention involves perceived selective outrage, where critics argue that the Left is quicker to condemn human rights violations committed by Israel than those committed by other nations.

This discrepancy in response can often come down to singling out Israel due to its Jewish identity, raising concerns about the underlying motivations behind such actions.

While Republicans are certainly not in total unity on how to approach the Israel-Palestine conflict that continues to rage on, the division amongst Democrats is far worse.

The division on this issue between the progressive wing of the Democrat party and the establishment old guard is crystal clear and it’s causing a rift in the voting base. That spells doom for the Joe Biden campaign in 2024 if he refuses to step down before the general election season.

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