All hell broke loose when this Republican was physically assaulted on the House floor

Tempers can flare in the middle of a political debate. But no one ever expects it to come to blows.

But all hell broke loose when this Republican was physically assaulted on the House floor.

On Friday night, tensions were high on the House floor because Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) was trying to attack Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

This happened after the 14th failed attempt to make Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) speaker of the House.

After the 14th vote, McCarthy was only half a vote away from becoming speaker. Even though McCarthy got 216 votes, that wasn’t enough at the time to make him speaker.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Gaetz both voted “present,” and four other Republicans in the House voted for other people.

Shortly after the 14th vote that didn’t pass, McCarthy went to Gaetz’s seat near the back of the room to talk.

We don’t know what Gaetz and McCarthy talked about.

But as Gaetz pointed his finger at McCarthy, another member stepped in front of McCarthy and tried to calm things down.

After McCarthy went back to his seat, Rogers walked over to Gaetz’s seat and leaned over the three people sitting between him and Gaetz to say something to the person who was still against McCarthy.

But as Rogers leaned over to get in Gaetz’s face, another member, reportedly Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC), came up behind Rogers, put his hand over Rogers’s mouth, and pulled Rogers away from the fight.

CSPAN’s cameras in Congress caught the fight for a short time:

Several photographers also caught the fight from different points of view:

As the fight happened, members of the House yelled out in shock, which made McCarthy turn around and walk back towards the two members.

“Rogers immediately left for the cloak room to cool off,” according to NBC News.

After the fight, a motion to end the meeting failed, which led to a 15th vote in which McCarthy finally won the position of speaker.

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