Appalling truth about Hunter Biden’s illegitimate child revealed on Piers Morgan show

The Biden family is as corrupt as they come. They’re actively trying to hide Hunter’s offenses.

And now the appalling truth about Hunter Biden’s illegitimate child has been revealed live on Piers Morgan’s show.

It’s been known for years now that Hunter Biden had a child with a woman out of wedlock and that President Joe Biden hasn’t even acknowledged this grandchild as being a part of the family. Hunter Biden’s daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, has never been publicly acknowledged by Joe Biden or his wife, Jill Biden.

There’s no question about Hunter Biden being the father, so the reality that Joe Biden is outright ignoring his grandchild is disgusting in the opinion of millions of Americans. There are reports that Joe Biden hasn’t even been willing to meet with her or communicate with her at all.

Recently, Hunter Biden’s “baby mama” went on the popular Piers Morgan Uncensored show and said that Mr. Joe Biden has never once met his granddaughter and doesn’t intend to.

Lunden Roberts on Piers Morgan: President Biden Has Never Contacted Granddaughter

Lunden Roberts, mother of Hunter Biden’s daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, recently revealed on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” that President Joe Biden has never contacted his granddaughter. This disclosure adds another layer to the ongoing public interest in the Biden family’s personal dynamics.

Roberts, who previously worked as an assistant for Hunter Biden, shared insights into her interactions with Hunter following the birth of their child in 2018. She discussed the efforts by both Hunter and President Biden to distance themselves from Navy, emphasizing that neither has met her in person. Roberts specifically noted that the President has never reached out to his granddaughter.

In the interview, host Piers Morgan directly asked, “Have you ever heard from either President Biden or the First Lady directly?” to which Roberts replied, “No. No, I have not.” When Morgan inquired if she found this surprising, Roberts indicated she did not.

Hunter Biden’s relationship with Navy has primarily been virtual. According to Roberts, Hunter has never met his daughter in person but has maintained contact through Zoom.

Initially, he was required to call once a month, but he exceeded this obligation by calling weekly or even more frequently to check on her. Roberts appreciated these efforts, especially when Hunter reached out during significant moments, such as Navy’s surgeries.

Morgan questioned if there were any plans for Hunter to meet Navy in person. Roberts expressed optimism, stating, “Yeah, I’m sure. Me and Hunter haven’t worked the details out with that. But, I mean like the world knows. Hunter has a lot on his plate right now.” She acknowledged the current challenges Hunter faces, indicating that Navy understands her father’s busy schedule and is patient.

The child support dispute between Roberts and Hunter was resolved in June 2023, and the Biden family publicly acknowledged Navy in July 2023. Roberts emphasized that the “door is always open” for the President to meet his granddaughter and that it “always will be.”

Hunter Biden has also contributed to Navy’s life by giving her some of his paintings and covering Roberts’ legal fees. However, an attempt by Roberts to change Navy’s last name to Biden during the child support dispute was unsuccessful.

Hunter Biden’s legal troubles continue, as he faces a federal gun trial with three charges brought by special counsel David Weiss in September. These charges include providing false statements and knowingly possessing a gun while being addicted to drugs.

The skeletons in the closet of the Biden family are manifold, to say the least. They’ve long been an elitist political class family that has gotten away with whatever they want because of their status.

Anyone else would be shamed for literally ignoring their grandchild, and yet Joe Biden is awarded as being the de facto leader of the Democrat Party as the President of the United States of America.

Heck, at nearly 82-years old, Joe Biden may not even know the name of his granddaughter, whom he’s never met before.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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