Barack Obama has a plan for America that is beyond scary


Former President Barack Obama may not be in the White House anymore. But he’s still pulling strings from behind the curtain.

And Barack Obama’s new plan for America is something out of a dystopian book.

The impact of Barack Obama’s presidency from 2009-2017 on the future of America cannot be easily overstated.

Just for one example, his infamous “Obamacare” policy has been the center for much debate for more than a decade and will continue to be for years to come.

Barack Obama’s policies were a major move towards the consolidation of political power on the part of the federal government, specifically the executive branch.

Though Barack Obama has been out of office for years now, many have suspected that Barack Obama has been hanging around in the shadows of the Democrat Party trying to influence America’s future even more.

Recently, Barack Obama appeared on a podcast and shared a new vision for America that will have you sounding the Orwellian dystopia alarm.

Obama’s new vision involved requiring Americans to be “digitally fingerprinted” so that the government can track anyone who is peddling anything that they deem to be misinformation.

Obama shared this on an podcast episode with David Axelrod where he lamented the idea that people could go on the internet and share any opinion they want without being throttled by the government.

“Most immediately, we’re going to have all the problems we had with misinformation before, but this next election cycle will be worse,” Obama started out.

He referenced the COVID-19 pandemic panic to point to how much misinformation there was online during that time. In his opinion, that should’ve been stopped by the government.

“Obviously, we saw that during the vaccination stuff. So, I am concerned about it,” Obama added. “And I think the best we’re going to be able to do is to constantly remind people that this is out there.”

Then he let the cat out of the bag saying that we “need” to use technology to create “watermarks” and digital fingerprints that can be tracked back to individuals.

“And the need for us, for the general public, I think to be more discriminating consumers of news and information, the need for us to overtime develop technologies to create watermarks or digital fingerprints so we know what is true and what is not true,” Obama continued.

First of all, it is not the work of the government to be censoring people online, specifically on private platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Those are privately-owned companies that do not have to be held hostage to do the bidding of the federal government.

Sadly, we’ve seen far too often that the federal government does get involved with these social media giants way more than the average American would like to see. Just recently the public learned that the FBI quite literally worked with Facebook and Twitter to suppress the New York Post story on Hunter Biden’s laptop right before Americans went to vote in November 2020.

Secondly, what reason does the government have to be able to track so-called “misinformation” back to individuals? The only reason one would want to do that would be to impose consequences for sharing such “misinformation” and discourage them from ever sharing their opinion online ever again.

Clearly, Obama wants to be able to track Americans online so that they can face the weight of the federal government for daring to contradict the narrative that is acceptable.

This vision of Barack Obama’s is about as Orwellian as it gets. It’s incumbent on Americans to call out this radical authoritarianism when they see it so it hopefully never reaches the shores of America.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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