Biden White House makes a sneaky but wild change to First Amendment rights


Many Americans agree that the First Amendment is the most important. That’s why the Democrats hate it so much.

And now the Biden White House has made a sneaky, but wild change to First Amendment rights.

A part of the First Amendment that has been under intense attack in the past decade or so is the right to a free press.

More and more, we are seeing Presidential administrations try to more closely align with certain press outlets over others and even try to silence certain media companies.

Without the freedom of the press, the American people would not be able to freely make up their mind about the information given to them that is not impacted whatsoever by the federal government’s meddling.

And without the ability to freely make up one’s mind, the right to free speech is ultimately tainted because of the fact that only certain speech is reaching Americans through the press.

No administration represents an attack on the First Amendment than the Biden administration.

And their latest attack on the First Amendment comes in the form of going after free press and the treatment of all media outlets fairly.

According to reports, the Biden White House has new requirements for reporters who want to access the White House including increased Secret Service investigations and daily reviews of permissions.

Furthermore, the reporters must also have a physical address for the Washington, D.C. region and they must have been to the White House once in the past six months.

Townhall reports:

Reporters must also show they have “Full-time employment with an organization whose principal business is news dissemination,” have a “Physical address” in the “Washington, D.C. area,” and demonstrate they have “accessed the White House campus at least once during the prior six months for work, or have proof of employment within the last three months to cover the White House.”

Townhall also notes that about 442 reporters have lost their “hard pass” press credentials that would allow them to be a part of the press within the White House.

Reporters are now also being told that if they argue too much with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, their credentials can be revoked.

This new sly change from the Biden administration represents how little they care about the First Amendment and a free press.

A number of journalists and reporters have noted that they will not be called on by the Biden administration during press briefings because they believe they are not “trusted” by the Biden officials.

This has created a class system of journalists and reporters trying to share the news from the White House.

Some can be trusted, according to the Biden administration, while others need to be silenced.

This is most certainly going to have a chilling effect that most certainly seems intentional on the part of the Biden administration.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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