Biden’s Navy just spat in the faces of the Supreme Court Justices with this order

The Biden regime’s radicalism has gone too far. Now they’re disregarding law and order.

Because Joe Biden’s Navy has completely ignored the Supreme Court with this order.

In the summer of 2023, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a massive ruling that made it illegal for public institutions to consider race as a factor for admissions or rewards, otherwise known as Affirmative Action.

Affirmative Action was so blatantly antithetical to what the foundations of American society stands for, it’s a wonder how it stuck around for as long as it did in the first place.

But even though Affirmative Action is legally out the window, the spirit of the cultural marxist idea remains in the hearts of the radical Left today. Affirmative Action is even still finding a strong nest in the U.S. military at the “leadership” of President and commander-in-chief Joe Biden.

The U.S. Navy has allocated over $750,000 toward a project aimed at increasing student interest in STEM fields within the Navy, documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation reveal. While the project purported to enhance equity in STEM education, it primarily focused on recruiting “underrepresented” minority students, according to the records obtained.

The University of Missouri–Kansas City (UMKC) submitted a proposal to promote STEM degrees, acknowledging the military’s need for technological advancement. The proposal, obtained by the Functional Government Initiative, emphasized the importance of diversifying the STEM workforce.

Despite framing the initiative as open to all students based on qualifications, the Navy granted additional resources for underrepresented minority students, including 75 scholarships and priority for on-campus research internships.

The proposal projected significant participation by minority students, estimating between 44% and 75% involvement in the program. It emphasized the goal of increasing the number of STEM graduates from “diverse” backgrounds entering the workforce.

Daniel McIntosh, the project lead, obtained permission to exceed the funding limit to provide tuition scholarships for Research Skills Training (RST) classes to 75 underrepresented minority students. These scholarships aimed to eliminate financial barriers and promote equity in STEM education.

“The Navy funding will support the development of competency-based research skills training courses, provide financial aid for historically underserved students, and offer paid internships for summer research experiences in any of the four research areas,” a UMKC post highlighted.

The initiative sought to expose sophomore UMKC STEM students to Navy careers, offering skill-building opportunities and internships. It planned to introduce four new RST courses annually, aligning with Navy research priorities.

Each RST course cost approximately $904.80 per student over three years, with scholarships for underrepresented minorities contributing to a budget overrun. The exact funding amount was redacted from the documents.

The project, titled “Equity Forward Workforce Development Pipeline for Naval STEM Superiority,” had a total budget of $758,280. UMKC, listed as a partner on the Navy’s website for STEM initiatives, received the grant in 2021.

The project aimed to establish an equitable pathway for increasing applications to Naval internships and careers. It proposed creating a pipeline of STEM professionals based on competency and inclusivity.

UMKC intended to expose over 3,000 freshmen to Naval STEM careers, hoping to cultivate a diverse and world-class STEM workforce. The proposal highlighted the need to address the gap between student interest in research and actual participation.

Alexandra Landsberg, director of Naval STEM Education and Outreach Program, emphasized the Navy’s commitment to broadening the STEM workforce. She stressed the importance of reaching all demographics to maintain excellence in a changing global environment.

Critics of this move are quick to point out that military strength and readiness shouldn’t have anything to do with reaching “diversity” quotas or worrying about how “inclusive” a recruitment program is.

This is sadly yet another example of how the far Left has become so drunk on its own pride that they will use even the most important U.S. institutions like the U.S. military to peddle their agendas.

We can never reach a pure meritocracy if we ignore the tenets of it and instead embrace the spirit of culutral Marxism found in Affirmative Action and race-based social considerations.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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