Biden’s results come in and it’s not looking good

There’s growing concern for Joe Biden. Every time he’s in front of the camera he looks worse.

And now Biden’s test results have come in and it’s not looking good for him at all.

Americans tend to agree on one thing when discussing politics: how divided we are. The country is so politically polarized that thousands of articles are written every November on how Thanksgiving is not the time to insult family who hold different political views.

But there is something to celebrate. Americans have reached consensus on another significant political subject as we head into the holiday season, according to a new ABC/Ipsos poll: Joe Biden is terrible at being president.

Biden’s approval ratings hit record lows in every category the organization polls on in a survey of 518 adults conducted on Friday and Saturday. He also performed poorly on two new and rather pressing categories added to this survey: the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, and the handling of Iran.

Ipsos reported in a press release on Sunday that “about two in five approve of President Biden’s handling of the war between Israel and Hamas,” which is on par with his approval rate about the situation in Russia and Ukraine.

Despite widespread disapproval, President Biden receives higher marks for his management of these conflicts than of crime, inflation, immigration, or any other important issue facing the United States.

You don’t say?

Take the economy as an example. Only 36% of respondents said they were happy with Biden’s performance, while 61% said they were unhappy. When compared to the 38% who felt this way in a poll conducted in January and the 60% who felt this way in a poll conducted in March of 2021, this number is significantly lower.

Only 33% of respondents were happy with Biden’s handling of crime, while 64% were unhappy, down from 40% and 58% respectively in January. It’s important to remember that Biden’s approval rating was never higher than 46%, even at its highest point in August 2021.

Regarding the environment and global warming? As opposed to January’s 48% approval and 50% disapproval, this poll shows 39% approval and 57% disapproval.

In regards to inflation? Only 29% of people think Biden’s doing a good job in this category, while 69% think he’s doing poorly. In January, 31% of people felt positively, while 67% felt negatively.

Security at the border and immigration? With 26% approval and 70% disapproval, disapproval has increased by 5% since January while approval has decreased by 5%.

In addition, there was the Israeli-Hamas war, which had been going on for about a week when the poll was conducted. Only 41% of respondents said they agreed of Biden’s handling of the matter, while 54% said they disapproved.

Only 33% approved of Biden’s foreign policy toward Iran, while 62% disapproved. Iran is widely suspected of aiding in the planning and greenlighting of Hamas’ assaults against Israel.

The survey had a 4.5-point margin of error due to sampling variability.

Biden’s overall approval rating in the RealClearPolitics polling aggregate stands at 40.5% as of Tuesday morning, with a 55% disapproval rating. This represents a negative 14.3% margin.

Yes, former President Donald Trump is still divisive, and a second meeting between the two men in the 2024 presidential election would be close. In spite of this, the American people have already made their opinions known about President Biden, “Bidenomics,” and almost everything else he has “accomplished” in just under three years. Conclusion? To put it bluntly, he’s not a good president.

But the Biden administration is insisting that you’re wrong and that things, including the economy, are great right now.

Voters evaluated Joe Biden based on what he said when he was running for President in 2020. His accomplishments, or lack thereof, will be evaluated in 2024.

The American people clearly do not trust that social media rhetoric translates into real world change.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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