Bombshell Barack Obama news confirms everyone’s suspicions


Former President Obama has many skeletons in his closet. But none bigger than this.

And this bombshell Barack Obama news confirms everyone’s suspicions.

Conservatives have floated different theories around Barack Obama’s personal life ever since he rose to prominence back in 2008.

We were shouted down as conspiracy theorists and, frankly, uneducated.

But more and more is coming out that proves that Democrats are covering up the truth behind Obama.

And one man in conservative news isn’t afraid to tackle the subject head on.

Tucker Carlson said on Wednesday that despite the fact that it was “really clear” that Barack Obama was having intercourse with other males and consuming crack, the media failed to cover the story before the 2008 presidential election.

Carlson spoke on the Adam Carolla Show on Wednesday about the charges regarding Obama’s lifestyle, which originated with a man named Larry Sinclair.

Carlson claimed in 2008, shortly after stating that the media is “dependent on government,” that “it became really clear that Barack Obama had been having s-x with men and smoking crack.”

“A guy came forward, Larry Sinclair, and said ‘I’ll sign an affidavit’ and he did, ‘I’ll do a lie detector’ and he did,” added Carlson. “‘I smoked crack with Barack Obama and had s-x with him.’ Well, that was obviously true.”

Carlson’s remarks referred to statements Sinclair made at the National Press Club in 2008, while Obama was running for president, according to the Daily Mail.

According to Carlson, commentators would not touch this topic with a ten-foot pole for any reason other than being “squeamish about s-x or drugs.”

Rather, it was because “the Obama campaign said anyone who reports on this gets no access to the Obama campaign.”

Carolla then asked the former Fox News presenter if he trusted Sinclair’s claims against Obama.

“Oh, that definitely happened. Oh, for sure. I mean, I’ve talked to Larry Sinclair about it, and definitely it happened,” Carlson confidently replied.

He then said that despite Sinclair having a “disordered life” and a “record of deception,” one can listen to his story’s details and deduce that it “is clearly true.”

Carlson promised that he will soon interview Sinclair, and that his assertions do not seem all that shocking when one considers that Obama admitted to having gay feelings in a previous letter to his then-girlfriend.

The former Fox News presenter stressed that he is not “attacking him for liking dudes,” but that the “amount of lying in the media” about his claimed affairs with Sinclair is “unbelievable.”

Similar rumors concerning Obama’s s-xuality have already surfaced. Carlson’s remarks on the Adam Carolla show came after Malik Obama, Barack’s Trump-supporting half-brother, made and immediately deleted a claim in July that Barack is “definitely gay.”

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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