Democrat candidate caught on tape fully exposed

Political scandals are nothing new. But this is utter insanity.

Because a top Democrat candidate has been caught on tape fully exposed in this crazy video.

A Democrat candidate in Virginia who was exposed for livestreaming s*x acts with her spouse for money has garnered endorsements from prominent left lawmakers and advocacy groups, according to public records.

Conservatives are criticizing Virginia 57th District delegate candidate Susanna Gibson for appearing in p*rnographic movies on an online platform with her husband, John David Gibson. Top Democrats and left-wing activist centers have been silent about dropping support for Gibson. Gibson, a nurse, can be heard in the adult films soliciting viewers for “tips” that were ostensibly “for a good cause.”

“They are insane to have not told her to step down,” Dave Gordon, director of the Virginia Project PAC, which is connected with the Republican Party, told the media. “She is the dictionary definition of disgrace. Democrats have to decide whether this behavior is OK, because they’re trying to play a double-game, saying Republicans are bad for exposing it, but that there’s nothing wrong with it.”

“If there is nothing wrong with it, who cares if Republicans exposed it?” Gordon inquired.

According to Monday’s Washington Post, the adult films in question could be viewed on a website called R*curbate, which saved feeds from the original service. Reporters have discovered that, at the time of publication, numerous of Gibson’s videos could be viewed on other p*rnography websites under the candidate’s identity, “HotWifeExperience.”

An examination by the reporters in the media have found that four of the videos were originally uploaded a year ago. According to a report from The Daily Wire on Monday, 40-year-old Gibson admitted on tape that she enjoys “being choked” and offered to let others pay to see her urinate. Disclosures show that Gibson’s husband gave $5,000 to her campaign in 2022, just around the time the videos were released.

Gibson released a statement on Tuesday saying, “it won’t intimidate me and it won’t silence me” and that “my political opponents and their Republican allies have proven they’re willing to commit a s*x crime to attack me and my family because there’s no line they won’t cross to silence women when they speak up.”

The office of Gibson’s most prominent supporter, Democratic Virginia Representative Abigail Spanberger, did not respond to a request for comment. Spanberger shared a picture of herself with Gibson and other state Democrats along with the caption, “These Virginians truly care about getting things done for their communities, protecting our rights, and growing our economy” on Friday.

“Fantastic night supporting @SusannaSGibson with @ScVanValkenburg and @SenatorHashmi as we prepare for the start of early voting in Virginia THIS month!” stated Spanberger.

On Saturday, Gibson attended a rally held by Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) and received support from Northam, Stoney, King, and Lucas, as well as from the Democratic mayor of Richmond, Levar Stoney.

“I wonder if Tim Kaine will continue to campaign with that kind of person, or if he, now that he knows information about her, he’s going to distance himself?” Scott Parkinson, the GOP challenger running against Tim Kaine has asked.

Meanwhile, Gibson, a mother of two who survived the Democratic primary in June and is running against Republican businessman David Owen, has been endorsed by more than a dozen advocacy groups. Many consider this Virginia district to be among the state’s most competitive.

The Virginia branch of Voters of Tomorrow, a Leftist group “that engages and represents young Americans in politics and government” and works to elect Democrats, is one such organization. According to spokesman Jack Lobel, quoted in the Washington Examiner, “This is not the first time that old, far-right Republicans have engaged in revenge p*rn.”

“The attacks against Susanna are not only illegal; they are yet another display of how far the dusty, antiquated, stodgy Republican Party is from young voters,” he stated. “Consequentially, Republicans continue to lose election after election because of Gen Z’s efforts.”

In an announcement to the media, the “progressive” group Vote Pro Choice, which backs candidates who support abortion, declared its support for Gibson.

Gibson has the backing of the gun-control advocacy group Giffords. Records show that the Virginia National Organization for Women, the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, the Virginia Sierra Club, the feminist group Her Bold Move, and the leftist pro-abortion PAC Emily’s List, have all donated to the campaign as well.

Clean Virginia Fund, a so-called “green” energy organization, has been Gibson’s largest donor, followed by Emily’s List and Commonwealth Forward, two social justice organizations.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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