Donald Trump sent a U.S. General a message that has Biden panicking

Joe Biden is way behind Donald Trump. What Trump just did proves it.

Because Donald Trump sent a U.S. General a message that has Biden utterly panicking.

During a recent speech in which he praised retired Gen. Michael Flynn, former president Donald Trump dropped a clue about what might come if he wins his race for the presidency.

Trump gave a speech on Friday at the Lee County Republicans’ Lincoln-Reagan Dinner in Florida.

Trump made reference to Flynn, his former national security adviser, throughout the speech.

When Trump got to Flynn, he was reciting a list of those present. He described Flynn as “a friend of mine and a very brave, brave person, somebody that got  it very early and went through hell and he handled it like the brave man he is.”

“General Michael Flynn. Where’s Michael? Where is Michael? Thank you Michael,” Trump said to roars after identifying Flynn in the audience.

Then, Trump instructed Flynn to “stay healthy” until the 2024 election in a message addressed to him.

In his speech on Friday, which was captured on C-SPAN, Trump outlined the differences between his campaign and his rivals.

“For seven years our MAGA movement, the greatest in political history, there’s never been anything like it, has been engaged in an epic struggle against all the evil and sinister forces trying to destroy our country. That’s what they’re trying to do,” Trump said.

Trump also said that his campaign opposes the Marxists and extremists that currently plague the far Left and the Democrat Party today.

Donald Trump sending Michael Flynn this message is sure to have Washington, D.C. buzzing for weeks on end.

Flynn is a controversial figure in the Washington, D.C. Swamp because he’s known for being able to snuff out corrupt Deep State actors and their schemes.

He served as Donald Trump’s national security advisor but was eventually thrown under the bus and kicked from his position after taking the fall for lying to the FBI.

But Flynn has a history of contradicting federal agencies and high level government intel officials, including during the Obama years.

He was eventually kicked out as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for trying to reform the DIA.

The Obama administration, of course, didn’t like this because he was disruptive of the Deep State’s plans to keep intel agencies under the will of the executive branch and ultimately the White House.

Donald Trump indicating that he wants Flynn on his side is most certainly going to give the Deep State agents from a variety of intel agencies in the Biden administration a real cause for concern.

Trump could even give Flynn a role more important than he’s ever had before. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in November of 2024.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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