Donald Trump’s lawyer tells him the five words he never wanted to hear

The rubber has hit the road for Donald Trump and company. What happens next will decide his future.

Because Donald Trump’s lawyer has told him five words that he never wanted to hear in his life.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is up to his ears in legal battles on local, state, and national levels. Most Americans believe that these legal attacks on Donald Trump are all about trying to commit a form of character assassination as we inch closer and closer to the presidential election.

Interestingly, Donald Trump is the odds-on favorite to win a second term in the White House, but we’ll leave that to you to consider so we don’t get shut down by the Big Tech overlords who would love nothing more than to shut us down.

One positive for Donald Trump, though, is that he will now be able to put one of his legal battles behind him once and for all.

The $370 million civil fraud trial for Donald Trump in New York came to a close on Friday after Judge Arthur Engoron finally issued a verdict after a long trial that began in October. But while Donald Trump is sure to be happy to put this behind him, it won’t come without a price.

According to Engoron’s ruling, Trump is now prohibited for three years from operating his business in New York. He’s also liable for over $350 million in damages due to the civil fraud case that was set up against him and his family, and the Trump Organization. The case was originally brought forth by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

In an interview with Newsmax that came out before Engoron’s ruling, Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba said that she is prepared to make an immediate appeal because she believes that the whole trial has been set up to find Donald Trump guilty no matter what.

“If I could file the appeal now, I would,” Habba said to reporters with Newsmax this week. “There’s no surprises coming here,” Habba added.

She continued on saying, “I’ll be loud and booming right after the decision. I don’t have high hopes.”

Of course, the ruling was to decide what penalty Donald Trump is going to face since Judge Arthur Engoron said he already decided that Trump was guilty of committing money fraud in his real estate business dealings.

“I’ve been on weeks and weeks and weeks of trial in New York, and the corruption runs deep,” attorney Habba went on to say in her interview with Newsmax.

“The Trump derangement syndrome, quite frankly, runs even deeper. They can’t see straight. They can’t apply law to fact,” Habba finished.

It’s hard to consider this legal case or any other that Donald Trump is involved in to be taken in a vacuum or that anyone ruling in these cases can consider them to be taken in a vacuum either.

What are the odds that all these cases to attack Donald Trump just so happen to all come together right when his opponents need them to so they can try to prevent him from reaching his goal of winning a second term in the White House?

Donald Trump also got news about the New York hush money case in which he has been accused of paying hush money to an adult film actress, Stormy Daniels, before the 2016 election ever happened. That was seven years ago, mind you.

That case is expected to go to trial at the end of March, marking the end of the case in which he was struck with his first indictment.

If the Left’s goal is to simply chip away at Donald Trump’s character as much as possible in hopes that Americans would jump off the Trump train so he wouldn’t have any chance of winning, their plan simply isn’t working.

Donald Trump is solidly in control of the Republican Primary race as everyone except Nikki Haley has dropped out, but even her support amongst Republican voters is wearing thinner and thinner as the days and weeks go by.

In a hypothetical (but likely) head-to-head rematch with Joe Biden, Donald Trump leads the incumbent Democrat President by about six to ten points depending on the poll or survey you consider.

The DC Daily Journal will keep you updated on any developments in the ongoing legal cases Donald Trump is involved in.

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