Elizabeth Warren paid the price for releasing this truly stupid statement

Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren is known for being out of touch. But she’s gone too far this time.

And Warren paid the price when she released this incredibly stupid statement.

Elizabeth Warren should know better than to use social media during October every year.

Every October, the Massachusetts Senator — apparently the most well-known American of very distant American Indian ancestry — makes a fool of herself by adopting a bold stance in support of “Indigenous Peoples Day.”

And things got even worse for Warren on Monday.

When Warren celebrated “Indigenous Peoples Day,” the modern, bastardized counterpart of the venerated Columbus Day, she brought it on herself — again.

“On #IndigenousPeoplesDay, we celebrate the resilience, sovereignty, and rich cultures of Native communities,” she tweeted. “But the federal government has long failed to fulfill its obligations to tribal nations. We must do more to honor and uphold our promises to Native peoples.”

People on social media who knew Warren’s history didn’t believe her.

It was said of her, “She really has no shame, does she?” as one person put it.

Most Americans will remember Warren as the law professor turned hectoring politician who used her striking looks and, she claims, family legend to pass herself off as Native American.

After decades of false hope, Warren’s DNA test revealed that she is only 1/64th to 1/1024th Native American. That’s about as much of a genetic link as numerous other Americans have to American Indians, and yet they don’t make it the focus of their lives or try to pass it off as something it isn’t.

However, deceitfulness is typical of Warren’s behavior. Another unsubstantiated tall tale claimed that the woman had been fired in the early 1970s because she was pregnant.

In the same way that recovering alcoholics don’t actively seek out alcohol, normal humans who have been caught openly lying about specific subjects are less likely to want to get involved in them in the future. It just doesn’t end up well when you keep lying.

Thus, the yearly arrival of Columbus Day — and its woke iteration of “Indigenous Peoples Day” — would be a great opportunity for an average person, caught lying about Indian origin, to take a day off from making proclamations.

The world doesn’t need everyone’s opinions on every single matter, especially if you’ve been caught lying about it.

She took the risk again this year with her remarks on Columbus Day (or “IPD”), despite the backlash she received last year. And she’s paid the price by getting utterly embarrassed all over the internet.

We’ll see if she decides to finally take the hint and sit this holiday out next year.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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