Federal judge surprisingly throws out major Trump case

Donald Trump has plenty of legal troubles to deal with. But he’s got one less now.

Because a federal judge has surprisingly thrown out this huge Trump case.

The indictment charges being brought against Donald Trump aren’t the only legal battles he is entrenched in.

Trump is also trying to clear his name in court against what he says is phony accusations of assault of a woman he says he has never met before.

But one court case that is even less talked about by the media is Donald Trump’s defamation case against CNN.

Donald Trump sued CNN because he believes that CNN intentionally tried to defame and lie about him by making “incendiary” connections between himself and Adolf Hitler.

The lawsuit documents pointed out five specific examples of when CNN hosts and commentators made connections between Donald Trump and the Nazis.

The Trump legal team was seeking $475 million in damages from CNN, but it looks like Trump won’t be getting any of that.

According to reports, the case against CNN is being thrown out by federal judge Raag Singhal due to Trump’s supposedly shaky legal grounds of proving that CNN was comparing Trump to the Nazi party.

“Trump complains that CNN described his election challenges as ‘the Big Lie.’ Trump argues that ‘the Big Lie’ is a phrase attributed to Nazi Party politician Joseph Goebbels and that CNN’s use of the phrase wrongly links Trump with the Hitler regime in the public eye. This is a stacking of inferences that cannot support a finding of falsehood,” the federal judge wrote.

He continues on saying, “The Court finds Nazi references in the political discourse (made by whichever ‘side’) to be odious and repugnant. But bad rhetoric is not defamation when it does not include false statements of fact.”

Finally, he notes that there is no “reasonable” inference to be made that CNN was going out of their way to tie Trump to the Nazis and that no viewer would’ve taken their comments that way.

“CNN’s use of the phrase ‘the Big Lie’ in connection with Trump’s election challenges does not give rise to a plausible inference that Trump advocates the persecution and genocide of Jews or any other group of people. No reasonable viewer could (or should) plausibly make that reference.”

Singhal also ruled that he would be dismissing the case with prejudice. That means that Donald Trump won’t be allowed to file this same lawsuit again unless there’s significant changes.

Judge Singhal was appointed by Donald Trump back in 2019 after serving as a Judicial Circuit Court Judge in the state of Florida from 2011 to 2019.

That has to make this dismissal sting for Donald Trump just a little bit more.

That being said, Donald Trump’s legal team may view this as a net positive because they are certainly going to need to be focused on the incoming more serious legal troubles facing Trump.

The classified document trial for Trump has been set for May of next year, and between now and then, the Trump legal team is going to need to do their pre-trial research to be as prepared as possible.

Not having a defamation case to worry about is probably a good thing at the end of the day.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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