Greg Abbott just defied a direct order from the White House in the most incredible way

greg abbott

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is tired of the Biden admin’s nonsense. He’s taken action into his own hands.

And Greg Abbott just defied a direct order from the White House in this incredible way.

On Joe Biden’s watch, the crisis at the southern border has spiraled completely out of control with no sign of it getting better.

Serious action needs to be taken to protect the southern regions of America to prevent the rising crime and drug proliferation issues from getting worse.

As such, some conservative Republican Governors are standing up to the Biden administration and promising to actually do something about it.

Greg Abbott, for example, recently implemented a new buoy barrier in the Eagle Pass, Texas region of the Rio Grande to help prevent illegal immigration.

The Abbott administration also said it should help actually save lives of those who are unwise enough to try to cross the river but end up getting stuck. These individuals can use the buoys to stay alive until help arrives.

As one could’ve expected, this seriously ticked off the Biden administration because it exposed how they are doing absolutely nothing to address the problem.

In fact, the Biden admin’s Department of Justice officials sent a letter to the Abbott administration saying that their buoy barrier was illegal.

“The State of Texas’s actions violate federal law, raise humanitarian concerns, present serious risks to public safety and the environment, and may interfere with the federal government’s ability to carry out its official duties,” the letter reads.

The federal government is apparently preparing to drag Abbott to court over this buoy barrier system.

“We write to inform you…that the United States intends to file legal action in relation to the State of Texas’s unlawful construction of a floating barrier in the Rio Grande River,” officials from the DOJ wrote to Governor Greg Abbott.

In response to the news that the DOJ is going to legally attack the Biden administration, Greg Abbott took to Twitter to set the record straight.

He said that Texas has the “sovereign authority” to defend its border and said that he’s reminded the Biden administration of that on numerous occassions.

The Texas Governor also said that it was Biden’s “open border policies” that have led to the real humanitarian crisis.

Finally, Abbott hit Biden with a warning of defiance, saying that he would see Biden in court if they try to prevent Texas from securing its own border.

The DC Daily Journal will keep you updated on any developments to this ongoing story.

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