Here’s the photo that could END Joe Biden’s presidency for good

Joe Biden promised a “scandal free” presidency with him in the White House. That’s turned out to be the lie of the century.

And here’s the scandalous photo that could END Joe Biden’s presidency for good.

Under the influence of wacky, extremist progressive ideologues, the Joe Biden has been more focused on bending the knee to cultural Marxism than serving Americans.

This started before he even took office in January 2021.

Just consider how he literally said he would only pick a black woman to be his Vice President running mate.

And when he had to pick a nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy, he also said he would only select from black female candidates.

On top of that, his administration has also put a transgender individual in a military outpost as a four-star admiral.

Joe Biden’s administration has no idea how to do its job correctly, but it sure does know how to pay lip service to radical Leftists.

But doing so is going to come back to bite him. And it already has.

The recently fired non-binary Biden administration official, Sam Brinton, was caught with theft of grand larceny by stealing luggage at an airport worth up to $5,000.

Brinton was arrested on on felony charges but was quickly released on bail.

The bail condition was reportedly to “stay out of trouble.”

Brinton might be able to lay low, but Biden certainly won’t. Because the public now have the mugshot of the former Biden official in their hands.

The reason this is important news is because the Left acts like members of the LGBTQ “community” can do no wrong.

In fact, in their opinion, everyone should be paving the road of life for LGBTQ individuals because they just have it “harder” in life.

That’s a bunch of bologna.

The Biden administration’s games are becoming too much for the American people to deal with.

That’s precisely why his approval ratings are down in the tubes, and simply haven’t been able to recover no matter what.

His administration is just running around like chickens with their heads cut off. But at least they are the most “LBGTQ friendly” administration in history, right?

… right?

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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