Joe Biden is sweating bullets after Ron DeSantis released this video

Everyone knows Joe Biden’s chances of winning in 2024 are downright awful. Even the Democrats are trying to angle someone else into his spot.

And now Joe Biden is sweating bullets after Ron DeSantis released this video.

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has been more than a handful for the Democrats.

He’s taken them to task at every corner and refuses to backdown, all while never stooping to their level.

He makes it clear that the wellbeing of Floridians is what he’s all about.

No matter what the so-called “progressive” Left says, he will do what’s right for the people of Florida.

That has included defending an open economy during the pandemic, supporting law enforcement unlike any other state right now, and even protecting children from the radical LGBTQIA+ alphabet lobby.

The DeSantis team wanted to highlight this, so they put out a video showing the people of Florida thanking DeSantis for his leadership.

In the video, Floridians thanked DeSantis for saving their jobs, protecting law enforcement, and keeping the proper education of children a priority.

You can watch the video below.

Ron DeSantis is almost certainly going to win this November against his Democrat opponent Charlie Crist.

What makes the videos like these that his team are dropping so impactful is that many Americans in dozens and dozens of other states feel like their Governor and elected officials don’t give a flip about their constituents.

Americans all across the country are looking at Ron DeSantis and wishing he was their Governor too.

That’s precisely why the Florida economy has been booming with millions moving to the state for a freer future.

This is a disaster for the Democrats right now.

There’s absolutely no one on the Left who inspires confidence whatsoever.

Their biggest inspiration right now is Joe Biden.

Which is embarrassing, to say the least.

Ron DeSantis could easily find himself in a unique position to overwhelmingly dominate the ballot box against a wildly unpopular President like Joe Biden in 2024.

Even if Joe Biden doesn’t run in 2024 because of his age, there’s simply no Democrat right now who would hold a candle to the DeSantis’s history of leadership.

Put simply, the Democrats are in trouble in 2024 if Joe Biden doesn’t turn things around and fast.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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