Joe Biden sat in stunned silence in the Oval Office after receiving this bad news

The tale of the Biden presidency just keeps getting worse. The President has no idea what to do.

Because Biden sat in stunned silence in the Oval Office after receiving this awful military news.

Democrats love to talk about how they are against nuclear proliferation, which sounds good at a surface level. Far too often, though, the Democrats end up wanting to disarm America and its allies and give America’s enemies a green pass to build up their nuclear arsenals.

This is evident in the way Iran seemingly gets to just break the rules and regulations behind any deals made with them about stopping their nuclear program, meanwhile the United States is supposed to handcuff ourselves by not building new nuclear energy reactors. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Now a top threat to global peace and the security of America has announced that it is working on its very first nuclear capable submarine. That is, of course, North Korea.

North Korea launched its first “tactical nuclear attack submarine” in a ceremony attended by Kim Jong Un.

The launching of the submarine was announced in North Korean state media. The Korean Central News Agency boasted that the launching of the submarine ushered in a “new era of Juche-oriented naval force,” referring to the state ideology.

Dictator Kim Jong Un attended the military ceremony for North Korea deploying its first “tactical nuclear attack submarine”.

North Korean-controlled media reported on the submarine’s launch. According to the Korean Central News Agency, the submarine’s debut marked the beginning of a “new era of Juche-oriented naval force,” a reference to the official doctrine of the state.

According to the statement, “the majestic birth of the first underwater nuclear attack ship… heralded the beginning of a new chapter for strengthening the naval force of the DPRK and made clearer the steadfast will of the WPK and the government of the DPRK to further strengthen the state nuclear deterrence both in quality and quantity and by leaps and bounds for regional and global peace and security.”

The country’s nuclear armament, “which is our national prestige and the absolute power of the Republic, and solidified the irreversible status of the state, thereby fulfilling the long-cherished wish of the nation,” was stated to have been strengthened by the submarine’s launch.

The full version of Kim’s speech at the inaugural event was made available by Voice of Korea.

“The nuclear attack submarine, which has been used as a symbol of aggression against the republic for the past decades, now symbolizes our threatening power to terrorize unscrupulous enemies, and the fact that it is a new type of attack submarine of our own that the world has never known before is truly an auspicious occasion that all our people will welcome,” he reportedly said.

Kim additionally disclosed that North Korea intended to replace all of its medium-sized submarines with the new nuclear tactical assault submarine variant. According to the Nuclear Threat Initiative, North Korea is believed to be in possession of 20 conventional submarines, which is probably what he is talking about.

The Nuclear Threat Initiative estimates that North Korea’s fleet includes 83 submarines in addition to the new nuclear submarine. 40 coastal submarines, two ballistic missile submarines, 21 small submarines, and 20 conventional submarines are included in this.

It absolutely makes sense that nuclear proliferation is an overall bad thing for the state of peace on a global scale. That’s precisely why no one has actually used a nuclear weapon against an enemy since the Japan bombings that ended the Second World War.

That being said, we’re seeing far too often that the terrorists, dictators, and psychos in Iran, North Korea, and Russia are getting away with whatever they want because of the weakness of Western leaders, like President Joe Biden.

It’s simply true that Donald Trump succeeded in creating some workable relations with Kim Jong Un in North Korea, not because he was bending the knee. Quite the opposite actually. He simply knew how to put America’s interests first and stop Kim Jong Un from doing absolutely whatever he wants.

But the likes of Kim Jong Un, the terrorists in Iran, and the Putin regime in Russia believe they can walk all over Joe Biden and the West right now because there’s no credible threat coming back their way.

So while North Korea builds a nuclear arsenal, Americans get to deal with soaring gas and energy prices because Democrats refuse to cooperate in building any nuclear energy reactors in some desperate attempt to make it seem like they have the moral high ground.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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