Joe Biden shocked Americans with this striking nervous breakdown dropping “F” bombs

The office of the President of the United States is not an easy one to bear. Many have wondered how Joe Biden has been handling it.

That’s why Joe Biden shocked Americans with this striking nervous breakdown as he dropped “F” bombs.

Joe Biden, who recently turned 80 and is waging a historic reelection campaign, is the oldest president to ever assume office.

Voters consistently express anxiety about his health when asked about it in surveys, and there is abundant evidence to back up this dread. In the midst of everything, his health has become a problem for voters. In several of his public appearances, Biden’s senility has been visible like a thousand suns. He’s not doing well, and as he ages, he becomes worse.

New information indicates that the president does not, however, intend to recognize that reality. Instead, he seems to launch into profanity-laced rants whenever the topic of his age is raised.

Apparently Biden has “voiced to allies” that he is frustrated with how often his age is brought up in the media, according to Politico.

He allegedly went on a f-bomb laced tirade that saw him annoyed about people always bringing up his age when discussing his 2024 outlook.

“Do you think I have no idea how f—ing old I am? According to the site, an irritated Biden — who apparently has a penchant for swearing — ranted to one of his friends earlier this year. Biden, who has stated he intends to run for re-election for another four years but has delayed making a formal decision until early next year, will be 86 years old when he leaves office if he serves a full second term.”

Dementia is indicated by irrational outbursts of anger. Just something to think about.

It’s amazing how little self-awareness exists. Is he honestly unaware of how much he has changed over the past few years?

Is he unable to understand when he stutters, forgets people’s names, or otherwise behaves in a way that suggests he belongs in an assisted-living facility?

Most normal people are able to detect when they are slowing down and respond appropriately. In contrast, Biden is like a bull in a china shop. With little understanding of his own condition or how other people view him, he genuinely believes he is as capable as he was at age 50.

The most disturbing aspect of the situation is probably that. The strongest argument against him serving in politics is his egregious lack of self-awareness.

It is ridiculous to think that he will seek reelection. However, it’s plausible given Biden’s ego and his wife’s obvious desire to remain in the White House for as long as possible.

So, even if things are already terrible, they are about to get much worse. Imagine the 2024 presidential election campaign. Positively, tenacious conservative opponents will have a ton of material to draw from.

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