Joe Biden turned red with rage after hearing about this White House leak

The Biden administration plays it close to the chest. They don’t want the American people to know what’s going on behind the scene.

That’s why Joe Biden turned red with rage after hearing about this shocking White House leak.

President Joe Biden was expected to make his reelection plans public soon after delivering the State of the Union speech on February 7.

No such statement has been made more than two weeks later, and a report on Wednesday suggested Biden may not be planning to run for president in 2024 after all.

According to four “familiar with the president’s thinking” sources, the president’s plans to begin his campaign in February have changed.

Real-world events have prevented a final decision from being made, according to the sources. They are now concentrating around April.

Biden’s indecision has caused an awkward deep freeze across the party, according to Politico, “…in which some potential presidential aspirants and scores of major donors are strategizing and even developing a Plan B while trying to remain respectful and publicly supportive of the 80-year-old president. ”

Although running for re-election was once viewed as a lock, Biden doesn’t seem to have made up his mind. The president is “a kind of Hamlet on Delaware’s Christina River, warily biding his time as he ponders the particulars of his final campaign,” according to sources close to him, according to Politico.

A close friend of Biden stated that “an inertia has set in.” “It’s not that he won’t run; in fact, that is the prevailing belief. But no decision has been made. And until it is, nothing will be decided.

Some Democrats who would run in the 2024 primary if the president decides not to run find it very challenging because of the president’s indecision. Major contributors are also left in a dilemma.

Time is on the Democrats’ side, according to Politico, because they surpassed expectations in the midterm elections in November and they see “no threat of a credible primary challenge.”

According to the source, Biden’s campaign may be delaying its choice in order to “avoid having to report a less-than-robust fundraising total for a first quarter that’s almost over.”

Nevertheless, according to Politico, Biden’s aides are assembling a campaign team and have teamed up with the super PAC Future Forward, which has already run some TV commercials endorsing the president’s policies.

Three people with knowledge of the matter, however, told Politico that the president “spends little time discussing the election” and “has talked only sparingly about a possible campaign.”

Naturally, there is some suspicion that Joe may be having second thoughts due to the ongoing investigations against his son, Hunter Biden, as well as the special counsel investigation into his own improper handling of secret documents.

“A decision from Biden to [forego] another run would amount to a political earthquake not seen among Democrats in more than fifty years,” Politico said. “Lyndon B. Johnson paired his announcement to step aside with his partial halting of the U.S. bombing of Vietnam, citing deepening ‘division in the American house now.'”

Kamala Harris will likewise be forced into the limelight. Apparently, the vice president’s “uneven performances have raised doubts among fellow Democrats about her ability to win — either the primary, the general election, or both,” according to the source.

Mark Longabaugh, a Democratic strategist, told Politico: “Obviously, if he waits and waits and waits, it creates doubts and problems. But if he were to somehow not declare ’til June or something, I think some people would be stomping around.”

Longabaugh is confident that the president will ultimately decide to seek reelection.

But it does seem strange that Joe Biden, a sitting President and the presumed Democrat frontrunner would delay his announcing of his candidacy.

There’s an argument that the only reason to delay is because there’s doubts that he shouldn’t run at all. Why else would he delay?

It’s certainly strange to say the least.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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