Joe Biden’s inviting chaos by preparing to do the unthinkable with the U.S. military

President Biden isn’t even hiding it anymore. He’s putting American security directly at risk.

Because Joe Biden’s inviting utter chaos by preparing this unthinkable act with the military.

The White House can’t get its story straight when it comes to foreign policy and national security matters. President Biden’s critics and allies alike are regularly confused about what in the world his administration is doing or thinking on issues like the Ukraine war, the Middle East conflict, or even basic national defense.

The conflict in the Middle East, in particular, has brought the Biden administration a lot of heat from all sides of the political spectrum. Conservatives are annoyed that Joe Biden’s giving no clear answer as to how much he actually supports Israel as he continues to toe the line for the sake of not ticking off radical Islamic terrorists. And the radical Leftists are furious with him for daring to suggest that Israel has the right to wipe Hamas off the face of the planet because they ruthlessly attacked Israeli citizens on October 7th.

Already, Joe Biden’s announced undying support for Ukraine at the expense of taxpayer dollars and now the Middle East is another pit for the political class to throw money into.

There’s a concern that all these international focuses are going to distract away from national security back in the homeland. White House National Security Advisor John Kirby even said on live TV on ABC that he was actually concerned about U.S. military readiness as the federal government sends billions of dollars in regions all over the world.

Well if there’s a concern, you would think the Biden administration would cool it, right? Apparently that makes too much sense for the Biden regime because they are doing the exact opposite.

According to the latest reports, the Biden administration is now preparing a sale of $18 billion of U.S. military equipment, including precious fighter jets and defense missiles, to Israel in their war against Hamas.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

The sale could include up to 50 new F-15 fighter jets, 30 AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAMs), and an unspecified number of Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAMs), Politico reported, citing a Congressional aide and another official familiar with the discussions, speaking on condition of anonymity ahead of the final announcement.

It was noted that the weapons and equipment may not actually reach Israel’s military until years down the road, which has some worried that the U.S. is preparing for another long-term Middle East war effort in co-operation with Israel.

The Biden administration has not yet had final approval on the sale of the $18 billion in military equipment, but the president expects the approval to arrive soon as he has been informing close allies of his in Congress of the preparations.

As this article is being written, this information has not been made voluntarily public by the State Department or the Pentagon yet.

This news comes as Joe Biden and his advisors have been trying to put pressure on Israel to calm down its war efforts by not launching a Rafah invasion to go after Hamas terrorists which could potentially harm Palestinian civilians in the region.

Joe Biden referred to this as a “red line” operation that he doesn’t want to see Israel cross, but this sale of more military equipment to Israel seems to be giving mixed signals.

The White House shared with reporters recently that they do not believe in “conditioning aid” for Israel, but there’s questions about what they meant by the Rafah military effort being a “red line.”

Critics of Joe Biden and company say that they simply have no idea what they mean either. There’s no real compass directing the Biden administration and there hasn’t been for the entirety of the Biden tenure thus far. They say that’s why there’s been major foreign policy fumbles like the Afghanistan pullout disaster.

From the outside looking in, it definitely appears that way. Joe Biden and company can’t even go a week without getting their signals crossed.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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