Kamala Harris said just one word that proved how insane she is


When Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate, it was a real head-scratching moment. She was easily the most insufferable candidate running for the White House in 2020.

And her antics continue. Because Kamala Harris just said one word that proved how insane she is.

Back in late 2019, presidential hopeful Kamala Harris was forced to suspend her campaign as it quickly ran out of steam.

Most political experts point to just how unfavorable of an opinion even far-Left activists had of her.

A lot of that can be attributed to Tulsi Gabbard absolutely bodying her in the debates and exposing just how hypocritical and two-faced Harris is.

None of that has changed.

Now Vice President-Harris is still wildly unpopular, and her latest antics aren’t going to help whatsoever.

Kamala Harris recently praised the NASA Artemis space program, which has an end goal of returning to the moon by putting the first woman on the moon and the first “person of color” on the moon.

So, of course, radical “progressives” like Harris are foaming at the mouth over that opportunity.

Harris said the program will “benefit all mankind and womankind.”

She actually said that. This is not a joke. Check out the video below.

In the video, she is visibly excited to say “womankind.”

She either doesn’t know that mankind refers to all of humanity…

… or she’s playing into the hands of the so-called progressive to garner some political points by using “gender-inclusive” terms.

It’s hard to decide which is worse.

Either way, we have a Vice President who is truly dense and empty-brained.

If the Democrats think they can run Kamala Harris in 2024 in place of Joe Biden, we will likely see the biggest landslide presidential election win we’ve ever seen since 1984.

Americans will reject Kamala Harris and her hypocrisy and stupidity.

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