New report unveils shocking connection between Trump’s Colorado trial and Biden money

Everyone knows the radical Left has been throwing everything they have at Trump to stop him from winning in 2024. But no one could have seen this coming.

And a new report has unveiled a shocking connection between Trump’s Colorado trial and Biden money.

The radical Left is terrified of Donald Trump. The very idea of Trump being able to run for President again in 2024 has them shaking in their boots.

And it is no secret that Democrats will do anything to prevent Trump from winning in 2024, but now shocking ties to Biden have been exposed.

This new bombshell report has sent shockwaves through the political landscape.

New evidence reveals a startling connection between the efforts to disenfranchise Trump and prominent donors to President Biden, raising alarming questions about the impartiality of the legal challenge and the motivations behind it.

While the radical Left’s relentless pursuit of Trump is no secret, their latest salvo in Colorado seemed like a legal long shot.

But a closer look reveals disturbing ties between the lawsuit and President Biden’s own campaign coffers.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), the self-proclaimed “nonpartisan” watchdog group that spearheaded the Colorado lawsuit against Trump, is not as neutral as it appears.

A closer look at their leadership paints a very different picture.

Beth Nolan, CREW’s board chair, sent thousands to Biden’s campaign and victory fund in 2020.

Wayne Jordan, the group’s vice chair, went even further and funneled a staggering $300,000 to the Biden Victory Fund.

Adding to the picture, Jordan’s wife, Quinn Delaney, is a Democrat mega-donor who contributed a whopping $650,000 to Biden’s efforts.

These financial ties raise serious concerns about potential conflicts of interest and the impartiality of CREW’s lawsuit.

If their primary objective is to protect democracy as they claim, why would their leadership invest so heavily in one side of the political spectrum?

The truth is simple: this group is extremely partisan, and all the efforts to impede Trump are all connected to Biden and the radical Left.

CREW’s “nonpartisan” label means nothing in light of its past associations.

David Brock, founder of the notoriously liberal Media Matters for America and American Bridge, previously led the group as its board chair.

His documented plans to “kick Donald Trump’s a–” throughout his presidency, hatched with other Democrats, further cast doubt on CREW’s supposed neutrality.

Not only that, but CREW has also received millions from major Democrat donors like George Soros, raising further questions about its independence and potential political influence.

These financial links between CREW’s leadership and President Biden expose the real truth:

All of these plots and schemes are all connected, and they have nothing to do with the law, the 14th Amendment or any other legit process.

The radical Left will never play fair, and they will never stop their attacks on Democracy.

It is up to us as Americans to stand up and fight back against their radical and destructive agenda.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal where we expose the lies of the Left.

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