Pete Buttigieg rushed off stage as violent protest erupts

Not many Biden officials have favor with the American public. Pete Buttigieg is no exception.

And Pete Buttigieg had to be rushed off stage as a violent protest erupted in this shocking video.

Among Democrats who have served as transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg is the most progressive.

But the radical left environmentalists of Climate Defiance, who want to use “mass-turnout, peaceful direct action to force our politicians to take action at the scope and speed necessary to avert the worst impacts of” climate change, don’t think he’s Left-wing enough.

The former Mayor of Indiana’s fourth-largest city was in Baltimore this week for a discussion of “how President Joe Biden is delivering for Maryland,” and members of that group celebrated what they apparently considered a successful protest by posting about it on X (also known as Twitter), the social media platform.

In an as-yet-unverified video posted on X, members of the group allege that Buttigieg approved many environmentally harmful projects after they climbed onto the stage that the Mayor was using.

Demonstrators’ chants of “Which side are you on, Pete?” and “End fossil fuels, Pete,” revealed a disturbing lack of grasp of the topic at hand from the young radical Leftists.

As expected, the stunt was utilized to raise money for the organization, because nothing makes a communist happier than blowing through other people’s cash.

They wrote on X, “We are explicitly committed to ending the careers and decimating the reputations of those who disagree with us.”

Then this is hardly anything to celebrate as a victory for Climate Defiance. Buttigieg works at the President’s pleasure, so it’s unlikely that their show had any effect on the Biden administration at large.

The kind of people who would travel to hear Buttigieg speak in person are probably not going to be persuaded by a group of unemployed radical Leftists who just want to ruin everyone else’s day.

The most progressive young Democrats have hated the guy for years. Conservatives, on the other hand, aren’t likely to seek to defend Pete Buttigieg either.

That’s the best part of all of this. Pete Buttigieg can’t win with the extreme radical Left who he knows he has to appease otherwise the Democrats will lose support from the Democrat base during the general election season.

But at the same time, if he goes too far with the extremism, he and the rest of the Biden administration will politically alienate the average American who isn’t ready to just cut off all fossil fuels in just a few short years.

This is the hole that the Democrats have dug for themselves. They will have to pay the price for it as they decide whether to kowtow to the radical Left for the future of their political Party and relevance.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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